Why hasn't it been a big story that LA has had record cool temperatures in 2023?

Shouldn't it be a huge national story that a big city like L.A. has had a record stretch where it didn't hit 80 degrees in 60 days in May and June?  After all, the media always warn us that the Earth is getting dangerously warmer.

Streak of Temperatures Below 80 in Downtown LA Reaches 60 Days

It's been unseasonably cool for the past two months, and it has been historically pleasant in parts of Los Angeles County, the National Weather Service is reporting Friday.

From May 1 to June 29, a 60-day stretch, the high temperature in downtown Los Angeles did not reach 80. It is the longest recorded streak of days with high temperatures below 80 during May and June in downtown Los Angeles since 1878.

The previous longest streak was 59 days from May 2 to June 29 in 1916. The highest temperature during the current streak was 79 on June 17 and June 21.

We are told constantly that there are too many people, and that causes warming, so isn't it amazing that the population of L.A. County in 1880 was around 33,000, and today it is over 10 million?  How is it possible that the population is 300 times higher, yet the temperature is lower than at any time in 145 years? 

How could L.A. be cooler today than any time in the last 145 years if millions of cars and other gas-powered equipment, cement, blacktop, coal, crude oil, methane, CO2, and all the other things we are told cause warming actually do?

The reason the story of record cool temperatures in L.A. is not widely reported is the same reason the public rarely if ever see the following stories.  They don't fit the radical green agenda to remake or destroy America.  Facts don't matter to leftists when they are pushing an agenda. 

A brutal cold wave has swept northern India, blanketing streets in freezing fog, intensifying pollution, disrupting hundreds of flights and prompting school closures.

India's capital, New Delhi, experienced its coldest day in December in 119 years on Monday, with the maximum temperature dipping below 49 degrees Fahrenheit (9.4 Celsius), about 20 degrees below the average for December. Last week, the city broke its longest cold spell in more than t A brutal cold wave has swept northern India, blanketing streets in freezing fog, intensifying pollution, disrupting hundreds of flights and prompting school closures. (New York Times)

Other stories most of the public probably hasn't seen:

Concordia station records Antarctica's lowest January temperature on record

Wednesday, February 1, 2023: Extreme cold hits China's Heilongjiang province: Moha drops to -53.0 °C (-63.4 °F) — the lowest temperature in Chinese history

Sunday, January 22, 2023: Reykjavík records coldest temperature since 1918, Iceland

Thursday, December 29, 2022: Arctic blast breaks numerous daily temperature records across Alberta, Canada

Thursday, December 22, 2022: Annual rainfall and snowfall records broken in Greece

Wednesday, December 15, 2021: Historic cold spell hits Scandinavia, Sweden records its coldest December day in 35 years

Tuesday, December 7, 2021: Deep freeze – St. Petersburg breaks daily temperature record set in 1893, Russia

April 15, 2022: New 2022 world's lowest temperature set on April 14 at the Vostok Station, Antarctica

Something that always troubles me is when people who support keeping crude oil, coal, and natural gas as an energy source say it won't make any difference to the climate if the United States stops using natural resources, if China still does.  That statement implies that the premise that humans and our use of coal, oil, natural gas, meat, gas-powered cars, and everything else causes temperatures and climate change, but there is zero scientific evidence that it does.

It is a simple scientific concept that if there is no correlation, there can be no causation.

Global warming, climate change, caused by humans has always been a scam to get more government control of our lives and to funnel large amounts of money to leftists.

It is absolutely pathetic that the media just repeat what they are told on global warming or climate change without doing any research.  And not once have they asked Biden, Kerry, Gore, Gates, Obama, or any green pusher for scientific data that support the green agenda, either because they know none exists or because they don't care.

Here is stupidity on steroids: the government is promoting replacing crude oil, coal, and natural gas with solar power while it is also seeking ways to reduce the sun's rays as it pretends it can control temperatures and the climate.  Can these people spot the flaw in their solution?

Graphic credit: Creazilla, public domain.

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