RFK Jr. scheduled for a live interview on FOX News tonight

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., the leading Democrat challenger to President Biden for the Democrats' 2024 presidential nomination, will appear live for an interview tonight with Jesse Watters on the FOX News channel.  The program airs live from 7 to 8 P.M. E.T./4-5 P.M. P.T.  Readers who have cut the cord or who are boycotting FOX News can probably find clips online afterward, and this writer will provide a review of the highlights with links here at American Thinker tomorrow.

Kennedy has appeared multiple times on FOX News since he declared his candidacy on April 19 and appeared that night on Tucker Carlson Tonight.  Many of Kennedy's positions expressed on that program, and others on FOX News since then (including on Hannity on May 8), run counter to the current Democrat party's far-left party line and have intrigued voters from beyond the Democrat-Progressive base.

Kennedy scored additional favor with his comments on NewsNation's 90-minute town hall broadcast two weeks ago.  However, that Q&A, with NewsNation host Elizabeth Vargas and voters in three different locations, avoided several hot-button issues that Kennedy later tweeted opinions about after the SCOTUS rulings several days later.  These included affirmative action and Biden's executive order to forgive hundreds of billions of dollars of student debt.  Kennedy tweeted in support of continuing affirmative action, which the Supreme Court struck down in college admissions (logging on to a Twitter account is now required to access tweets), and also supported the canceling of students' college debt, which the Court also said was unconstitutional.

One hopes that Watters might question RFK Jr. on these and other issues in order to give viewers — including conservatives — a more comprehensive picture of exactly where Kennedy stands.  So far, his positions on COVID-19, the U.S.'s essentially blank-check military support of war in Ukraine (and apparent disinterest in finding a peaceful solution), open borders and illegal immigration, and censorship have been intriguing, if not downright appealing, to many independents and a number of Republicans.

Kennedy's apparently sincere advocacy of truly trying to unify the country — an appealing echo of his late father's positions in an increasingly divided nation before he was assassinated in 1968 — represent an additional feather in his cap, so to speak.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., age seven, in the White House Oval Office, March 11, 1961, with his uncle, President John F. Kennedy.  Photographer: Abbie Rowe.  Public domain.

It should also be noted that a person can be judged to a great extent by his enemies and his friends.  RFK Jr. has proven to be a prominent persona non grata and a bête noire in the eyes of the American political establishment and the mainstream media, which has blacklisted his appearances and any fair coverage of his campaign.

Meanwhile, former president Donald Trump, who is also facing uniform MSM dismissal and criticism, has spoken approvingly of RFK Jr.'s candidacy, and Bobby, as his friends and colleagues call him, has declined to criticize the former president when asked for his opinion by Elizabeth Vargas and others.  In the NewsNation town hall, Kennedy added that he was "proud" to have Donald Trump's support after the former president referred to him as a "commonsense guy."

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