Is there a judge anywhere in the US with the courage to say that the emperor has no clothes?

Who is the emperor?  The cabal that is prepared to do anything, no matter how unconstitutional, no matter how evil, to destroy Donald Trump.  That would be Merrick Garland, Christopher Wray, and Jack Smith.  Of course, this trio of thugs has many cohorts willing to do its dirty work.

What kind of dirty work?  The kind that has made judges, the mainstream media, and most members of Congress fear being canceled.  The left's method of coercion is well known.  Cross us, and your career is over.  Read Alan Dershowitz's book, Get Trump.  The elites who believe they are uniquely entitled to run the country will cancel you, harass you, and ruin you by any means necessary.  They will go after anyone who dares to deviate from their party line.

American culture has become a cesspool of abject cowardice.  And by design, now that the elites — our stable of Ivy League legacy grads who grew up knowing they would run the world without having to really know anything — are in charge.  We are living in a dystopia of their making.  It's all about leverage; everyone has some kind of leverage on everyone else, so people do what they are told.

That is how Jeffrey Epstein got away with his obscene abuse of young girls trafficked for the pleasure of his rich pals for decades.  Think Sound of Freedom and the fact that the U.S. is the number-one consumer of child porn and abuse.  Why does the left fear this film?  Hmmm.

Donald Trump is so far ahead in the polls to be the Republican candidate for president that the primaries may well be over.  Naturally, this enrages the anti-Trump left and their RINO colleagues, so they are willing to destroy the Constitution and our once lofty system of justice to take him down and out.  The possibly certifiably psychopathic Jack Smith, under the auspices of the equally power-mad Merrick Garland, is like one of Stalin's functionaries who delighted in torturing and then murdering anyone Stalin deemed inconvenient.  (Read Darkness at Noon.)

Smith is so obviously out of control, so desperately inventing ridiculous charges with which to indict Trump, that he is telegraphing his own horror at Trump's massive support among the American people.  He must think that all these legal tribulations will ruin the man and defeat his supporters, but it is only making them angrier at the unconstitutionality of it all and boosting his support.  Smith and his fellow goons quite naturally think that the American people are morons ripe for the totalitarian agenda they have planned for us all.

So the question remains: is there an A.G., a judge, a justice, anywhere in the country with the guts to call out Garland's and Smith's Kafkaesque campaign to prevent Trump from being elected again?  So far, it appears not, or he might have made himself heard before now.  There have been so many spurious charges against Trump in so multiple states, many of them related to the 2020 election, which was surely stolen by nefarious means, including censorship of his son's laptop of degeneracy, that the left is revealing itself as a truly evil entity.  As the facts continue to make their way to the people via alternative media, the truth of the left's malice is coming into focus.

But even the SCOTUS feared taking on any of those cases.  The horrors perpetrated by the left against Justices Kavanaugh and Barrett made cowards of them, too.  They quiver in their shoes when confronted with a 2020 election fraud case.  The sad fact is that the left's brutal, aggressive tactics work.  Torment them at their homes; they capitulate.

All the other judges throughout the country are acutely aware of what they will face if they make the slightest move in defense of Trump.  Our justice system has been decimated by leverage and fear.  Instead of standing up for the Constitution that they have sworn to protect and enforce, judges now cower in their chambers, hoping no Trump case ever comes before them.  They know in their souls they will capitulate to the dictates of the left.  Perhaps they will even be threatened with some indiscretion from their past.  Better to sell their soul than become a target of our despicable mainstream media who love nothing better than taking out a traitor to their anti-American agenda.

Consider how the left orchestrated the horrific abuse of Brett Kavanaugh.  They got an insipid woman to accuse him of some vague not-exactly-a-sexual-misadventure from when he was in high school and, with discernible malevolence, set out to annihilate the man.  They succeeded.  It was a horror show that the left endorsed and loved.  That's who they are.

They thrive on the suffering they are able to unleash on their cultural, intellectual, and/or political opponents.  If you doubt this fact, watch the baseless and fabricated attacks on RFK Jr. at the hearing Thursday on censorship.  The evidence of this administration's campaign to censor dissenting views on Biden, COVID lockdowns and vaccines, the war in Ukraine, etc., is beyond shocking.  The Democrats on the committee had nowhere to go but to insult the witnesses and, at the same time, refuse to let them answer the questions they pretended to ask but did not want answered. 

There are brilliant legal and constitutional scholars who rant every day about the crimes this administration is perpetrating upon this nation — Mark Levin, Mike Davis of the Article III Project, John Yoo, for example — but they're not A.G.s or judges...yet.

Again, is there an A.G. or a judge or justice with the moral core and the principles to do what is right anywhere in this country and who remembers that we don't have emperors?  We all know that all these legal actions that have been filed against Trump — the N.Y. nonsensical stuff, the documents case, the absurd Jean Carroll case, the numerous cases accusing him of election interference or inciting the fedsurrection of January 6, 2021 — are all, shall we say, trumped up.  There must be an A.G. in some state — Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan — states where we know the Democrats cheated in 2020 — who is brave enough to stand up against this Stalinist offensive against the best President since Reagan.

"An emperor serves his people.  The day the people serve the emperor is the day the empire falls."


Graphic credit: Public domain.

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