China readying for total war, America laser-focused on pronouns and wood-fired pizza ovens

The Chinese military is training kindergarteners in the ways of war.

According to scores of social media accounts reviewed by the Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF), the People's Liberation Army (PLA) is teaching the kiddies how to handle firearms and fight like soldiers in boot camps all across China this summer.  The boot camps reportedly feature training for both boys and girls...involving a wide variety of "toy" weapons, including knives, grenades, rifles, and shoulder-fired missiles.  Moreover, the children are required to adopt military behavior — such as saluting — according to the schools' social media posts.

Government documents note that the militarization of even extremely young Chinese is occurring subsequent to a 2019 Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Central Committee decision to push for increased "National Defense Education," which includes a mandate that schools hold National Defense Education activities starting in 2022.

Brandon Weichert, a U.S. Air Force consultant, told the DCNF, "There's sort of a 'get 'em while they're young' mentality that has always been part of the communist ethos."  Weichert added, "Xi Jinping is trying to inculcate not just a patriotic fervor among the next generation, but I think he's trying to also create actual next soldiers for the inevitable campaigns that he plans on waging militarily."

And we in America — and the West in general — are hell-bent on fighting climate change and transphobia while also aggressively prosecuting a war against those who "misgender" or "deadname" someone.  (And there's also the Russia-Ukraine War, a conflict we helped bring about, which would not have occurred if the Clinton administration hadn't cajoled Ukraine into handing its nuclear weapons over to Russia and/or if Trump were still in office.)

In China, kindergarteners are effectively mandated to take up arms for the glory of the CCP, but neither they nor adults are allowed to own or possess a firearm privately for their own use or protection.  You must know how to use guns, grenades — and shoulder-fired missiles — for the advancement of the glorious communist cause, but you are prohibited by the state from owning or using them to protect yourself and your family from criminals and, well...the state.  By contrast, Americans freedoms and security are guaranteed by the Second Amendment.  Or they used to be.

The founders knew that if you don't possess natural rights, you have no rights whatsoever.  If one's rights don't come from God, if they aren't universal and inherent, then they could come only from other men.  And if that's the case, if the likes of Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters, Cori Bush, AOC — and Donald Trump, for that matter — say you have no rights, then you have no life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness...or anything else.  Publicly disparage Biden?  To the dungeon with you!

It is no accident that the liberty of Americans is being successfully attacked and usurped at the same time as they are losing/renouncing their faith in religion — and almost everything else.

I have no love for Russia.  I hate bullies.  Putin is a thug.  Period.  But "Russia, Russia, Russia" was always a hoax.  By contrast, Trump used to say, "China, China, China."  In terms of who is the greater threat, he was he was about a startling number of things.

We continue to give China a free pass on the coronavirus, balloon flights, vast intellectual theft, treatment of the Uyghurs — and everything else.  They are instructing their youth in the martial arts and the Art of War while we teach ours about kinky sex...and lop off their body parts.

This can't end well for us.

The COVID-19 virus wreaked havoc on us physically.  Broke society in some respects.  The subsequent pandemic, though not officially recognized as one, is characterized by mass ignorance, naïveté, hypocrisy, and delusion.  Social distancing won't help.  Mask and vaccine mandates won't work.  In fact, these would be today, as they were then, the exact opposite of the right things to do.

If the West is to long survive, it must return to its founding principles.  This is why "progressives" incessantly denigrate them.

Americans, in particular, must reacquaint themselves with the idea of limited government of, by, and for the people, equal treatment under the law...and especially the reality/primacy of natural rights.  Read the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights.

We don't need to militarize our young children.  But we don't need to sexualize them or lop off their body parts, either.

Tyranny, whether at the hands of the CCP — or the Democrat party in America — must always be defeated.

Image: Picryl, public domain.

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