Biden's new military boost in Europe foretells a new censorship state for Americans

Just what the most repressive U.S. administration since Woodrow Wilson's ordered: a military buildup to draw us closer into a hot war with Russia, which will have the bonus for this Despotic Clique of providing the excuse for FBI head Christopher Wray to order a ruthless crackdown on political dissent, not to mention refusal to comply with congressional oversight requests.

Here are the lede paragraphs in Politico's report on this startling development of a U.S. military buildup.  Not that this just happened to occur hours after word broke of House Judiciary Committee chairman Jim Jordan's letter to Wray calling for release by July 27 of documents concerning the FBI surveillance, via Google, of staffers on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence — surveillance believed to been in retaliation for the Intelligence Committee's probe of the FBI.

President Joe Biden has authorized the military to call up 3,000 reserve troops to support operations in Europe after tens of thousands were sent there last year after Russia's invasion of Ukraine, a top general said Thursday.

Although it is not clear whether Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin plans to actually deploy these reservists anytime soon, the move suggests that the U.S. military's training mission in Europe, along with the deployment of several new brigades after the invasion, has stretched active-duty forces.

The Politico report goes on to provide a rationale how the move is needed to protect he eastern flank of NATO — which of course is a euphemism for saying that NATO, in recent decades, has expanded eastward into the former countries of the Soviet Union's Warsaw Pact.  Politico also mentions what might be news to most Americans: that Biden sent an additional 20 thousand troops to Europe at the start of the war in Ukraine, bringing the total now to 100,000 troops on the continent.  The Politico story continues:

"This reaffirms the unwavering support and commitment to the defense of NATO's eastern flank in the wake of Russia's illegal and unprovoked war on Ukraine," Lt. Gen. Douglas Sims, the director of operations for the Joint Staff, told reporters on Thursday.

"While the move gives the military's European Command "greater flexibility" to defend the continent, it will not change the actual force levels in Europe, Capt. Bill Speaks, a spokesperson for U.S. European Command, said in a statement.

The president's order also for the first time designates Operation Atlantic Resolve, the U.S. effort in Europe, as a contingency operation, which allows the Pentagon to call up reserve forces and implement sped-up acquisition authorities to supply those troops with equipment.

The designation not only allows the president to mobilize reservists, but also ensures they are paid and supported as active-duty troops. It also provides support for families and dependents of any reservists who might be deployed.

The U.S. rushed 20,000 more troops to Europe after Russia's invasion, bringing the total to over 100,000 on the continent. That includes new rotations of 10,000 troops in Poland, which has emerged as a critical hub for supporting and supplying Ukraine.

What next should we expect from the most repressive American regime since Wilson jailed Eugene V. Debs for opposing his war policy?  Arrest and detention of former president Trump if he speaks out against Biden's moves on behalf of the Despotic Clique to get us into a hot war with Putin, renewing, not coincidentally, the false allegations of 2017 to 2019 that Mr. Trump was Putin's puppet?

Think about the unleashed boldness of the Despotic Clique (previously known as the Deep State) as a political trifecta: 1) election interference and the destruction of MAGA; 2) political dominance — through media-sanctioned exaltation of Biden, and 3) an end to the notion of an independent Judiciary — sending Judge Doughty's reaffirmation of the First Amendment into the nearest trash bin. 

Among other things, who would dare question the honesty, integrity, or competence of President Biden?  To do so would risk immediate charges of treason from Garland's Justice Department, preceded by lightning SWAT raids from Wray's FBI.

Plus — and this is the delicious part — the rush of backstabbers like William Barr, Chris Christie, and Paul Ryan to declare, "Now is the time for all good persons to come to the aid of the uniparty."

American democracy is very much in peril — and the peril comes from those who spent years demonizing Donald J. Trump and the Republican Party.  Apparently, the dastardly deed is about to pay off.  The Founding Fathers are weeping.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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