Biden's Army secretary discourages potential recruits from military families from joining the service

With falling military recruitment numbers, the Biden administration has decided that now's the time to discourage military service from potential recruits with family ties to the service, as if they weren't discouraged enough by the wokery of the service already.

According to Daniel Greenfield, writing at Frontpage magazine: 

Army Secretary Christine Wormuth said she expects within weeks to begin drafting a proposal for a recruiting overhaul so sweeping that Congress might need to pass legislation to enact all of it.

Depending too much on military families could create a “warrior caste,” Wormuth said. Her plans seek to draw in people who have no real connection to the military and to broaden the appeal of service.

There are sixth and seventh-generation military families. There is a ‘warrior caste’ insofar as you have families who have fought for this country since the War of Independence. They showed up, they bled, and now they’re to be replaced by drag queens and identity politics quotas.

“The Army is strategically deploying recruiters to communities across the country based on demographics, ethnicity, race, and gender,” Wormuth had claimed in a written statement.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but with recruitment numbers like hers, she has no business discouraging anyone from military service. Her job is to welcome all comers, and get the numbers to target, and yes, that should include people from military families who are historically the number one source for military recruitment. That they are already staying away is testimony to the sorry state of the wokester military these days, as well as the military's horrible record of success in securing victories. The Afghanistan pullout told many potential recruits all they needed to know.

Now she's calling for an ethnically matched military to the U.S.  population, which was never bad in the first place -- by excluding people based on their parents' military records, which in more victorious eras has been considered a strength.

She said didn't want to create a "warrior caste," clearly unaware that that warrior caste thing has been the military's reality since at least the end of World War II.

Military warriors in the states come from military families. That's the reality. Tom Wolfe wrote all about it in his 1979 bestseller, "The Right Stuff."

Which apparently she didn't know much of anything about. 

What, exactly, is this harried middle-aged woman with the bottle-blonde hair and the "I'm somebody's secretary" pink sweater even doing as Secretary of the U.S. Army?

I try to not judge people by their looks, but this person's sorry look is completely self-inflicted, given the availability of business suits, and in itself sends the unmistakeable message that she knows nothing about the military.

When she opens her mouth, she leaves no doubt about it.

This person is obviously unfit, not just by her self-chosen outfit but by her call to discourage those from military families from enlisting.

She ought to be canned for falling short of recruitment numbers alone, as any CEO with that record would be, but now she's out discouraging actual enlistment based on who one's parents are.

Quite likely, it's ideological. Most military families that extend generations tend to be conservative. What can this be but an effort to root out any people with traditional ideas about the military as well as family experience within its orbit? Who would want to enlist if they came from military family after this person's remarks? The first thing that would come to mind is that they might be penalized or treated differently for their heritage. More broadly, it appears to be a bid to root out conservatives and transform the military into the kind of military Venezuela had with the rise of Hugo Chavez. This is essentially an aping of what happened to the military in Venezuela, which had been populated by leftists even before Hugo Chavez got elected president in Venezuela in 1998. The results there speak for themselves.

Before this political hack should even be allowed to pick and choose who gets into the military and who doesn't, she ought to be held accountable for her falling recruitment numbers. Until she can fix that, she has no business turning anyone who can serve, and serve honorably..

Worse still, the terrible timing of the remarks, just as Joe Biden had been preparing to call up the reserves for military service based on bad recruitment numbers, suggests that she actually wants the recruitment numbers to fall short.

Putin and Xi couldn't be happier with that state of affairs.

Image: Twitter screen shot

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