Antisemitism embeds itself more firmly in the heart of the Democrat party

American Jews are overwhelmingly Democrat in orientation. They’re also, sensibly, extremely worried about antisemitism. The problem is that these same Democrat Jews are blind to the fact that antisemitism is the growing rot at the heart of their own party.

There are lots of reasons Jews are leftists. The main reason, probably, is that American Jews are dedicated to college degrees. There were already jokes in the 1930s showing a lady smiling down at a brand new baby swaddled in a white blanket and asking, “So, what is it? A doctor or a lawyer?” For American Jews, the journey from shtetl to tenement to the middle class was a short one if you could see your son (and, later, your daughter) through college. They are one of the most credentialed religious groups in America.

Jews are also leftists because (probably thanks to college) many of them have bought into the fraud that the Nazis were right-wing. Of course, the National Socialists were from the left. One of the great party tricks of the second half of the 20th century was how communists in America and Europe manage to indoctrinate the world into believing that fascism was a right-wing ideology.

Image: NEA headquarters, located three minutes from the White House. Photo by AgnosticPreachersKid. CC BY-SA 4.0.

And, of course, there were the legions of Jewish red diaper babies in the first half of the 20th century. These were Jews from Russia who, having suffered horrendous, murderous antisemitism at the hands of Tzarist forces, assumed that, if communists hated the Tzar, they must be friends to the Jews. Bernie Sanders comes from that class. These are committed leftists who, having drunk the Kool-Aid, turn a blind eye to the Soviet Union’s antisemitism, as well as the Nazi’s socialist Holocaust.

Bred on fallacies from communists and colleges (but I repeat myself), America’s Jews fear “the right.” That’s why, as of 2021, 68% of observant Jews and 77% of non-observant Jews are Democrats, for a total of 76%.

It’s worth noting, by the way, that observant Democrat Jews tend to be more form than substance. They are rigorous about the High Holy Days, send their kids to Hebrew school, and like to throw around Yiddish phrases. However, their values are formed by the Democrat party platform and their college curricula rather than by the Torah (the first five books of the Bible) or the Talmud (the main and ancient rabbinic text interpreting the Torah and creating rules for daily life).

So, in sum: For myriad reasons, 76% of American Jews hew left and fear the right, but all Jews fear murderous anti-Jewish hatred. The problem is that 76% of American Jews think that hatred comes only from conservative Christians and their fellow travelers on the right. They’re embarrassed to admit that it also comes from Islam (it lies at the heart of the Koran) and are ignorant of the fact that Karl Marx put it at the heart of socialism, where it created the Holocaust, Soviet programs, and, in America, the National Education Association.

Yup, I’m finally at the story that led to this post. First, let’s talk about the National Education Association, which is the largest labor union in the United States. It represents taxpayer-funded “educators” and staff from kindergarten up. It’s also fanatically Democrat, sending millions every year to Democrat politicians and initiatives while reserving statistically insignificant amounts for Republicans. It just had its annual convention, where this happened:

For several years, Jewish issues — more specifically, anti-Jewish issues — have been brought up by NEA members from Illinois, New York, New Jersey, and elsewhere. There is a tiny Jewish caucus within the NEA, but it is relatively inactive. Unlike past years, the Jewish caucus was able to introduce some pro-Israel and pro-Jewish resolutions.

The delegates voted to support the following new business items:

NBI 3: NEA will use existing print and digital communication tools to educate members and the general public about the history, culture, and struggles of Palestinians.

NBI 7: The NEA will recognize Palestinian-American students and members by using existing digital communications to highlight their personal narratives and stories.

And the NEA delegates rejected (albeit narrowly) the following new business item:

NBI ??: The NEA will post the “blue square” emoji on its website during the month of January in honor of Holocaust Remembrance, to show that NEA stands against hate towards Jewish people.

A friend of mine constantly says that Jews are building their own cattle cars. Looking at the antisemitism at the heart of the Democrat party, I’m very sorry to say this, but she’s right.

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