Sound of Freedom breaks Hollywood taboos on child sex–trafficking

Today our country has been, once again, exposed to a great evil lurking in our land — child sex–trafficking.  The movie Sound of Freedom does a superb job of laying bare the unthinkable evil of this trade.  Many applaud its message, along with the filmmakers' assertion that this has to stop.

But this wickedness is a sign, a symptom of the growing perversion of this world, as well as the support of enslavement of the world's poor by our governments, leaders, and businessmen.

The solution will not be simple — the border must be secured; legal immigration must be transformed so those who wish to join our great nation can do so.  Today the barriers to legal immigration are monumental, and I applaud those brave, determined souls who are able to secure citizenship in our country.  The laws of our local, county, state, and federal governments must stop funding the destruction and breakup of the family.

Along with the traffickers, there are those in government and industry who support and fund these enterprises.  There are also forces seeking to destroy the family.  For pedophiles are not born; they are made, fashioned by early childhood trauma or exposure to pornography.  I do not absolve these people's responsibility for not all who were abused turn to these destructive behaviors.

The same for the abortion industry; the same for the porno industry; the same for the hundreds of thousands so broken that they find their only solace in some form of addiction.

The release of this movie at this time is no accident, just as it was no accident in 2015 to release the videos about Planned Parenthood's inhumane, ghastly traffic in baby body parts.  This, too, is the essence of dehumanization of a person — the underlying worldview of those who in Hitler's day performed gruesome experiments on those deemed not worthy to live.

Will America shout, hold rallies, hear promises from their representatives and then shrug, moving on with their lives?  That is what happened after the 2016 elections.  I heard my newly minted senator make promises to defund Planned Parenthood.  How naïve some of us were.

Unless and until our leaders are committed to returning government to rule of law and not men or the favored few, revising our laws and regulations to support families and free-market capitalism, any steps we take will be only Band-Aids in the grand scheme of things.

This does not denigrate the ones who have dedicated their lives to rescue as many children and enslaved people as possible — but the reality is that electing the right person will not be enough.  The country must decide to turn against evil.

What force of will, what miracle, what power could bring us back from the cliff upon which we are throwing ourselves headlong?  Only the power of God is sufficient.

"If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land."

—2 Chronicles 7:14

Apart from God's grace, we would have already been consumed.  Think not that God will hold back His hand from judging America.  Remember that He sent his beloved remnant to Assyria and Babylon.  Apart from God's mercy, America will be consumed.

Let us seek God's path and ways in our lives.  Let us share the wonderful abundant life possible through Jesus Christ.  And let us speak out, in whatever ways that have been afforded to us, of what truth, justice and mercy looks like.  Let us not fail to remind people that abortion is murder of an innocent, that abuse of children is not a business plan and that all people are create equal in God, bearing His image.

We saw Sound of Freedom July third and were saddened, bereft, not knowing how to respond.  But from it came a renewed desire to stand for God's truth in this world.  Those who can hear, let them hear.

Image: Angel Studios.

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