Wokeism's Achilles heel

Perhaps you might remember the TV commercial for a home burglar alarm system.  Husband and wife are in bed when they hear someone breaking in downstairs.  The manly husband bravely picks up his gun and — wait — picks up the telephone.  He has no gun, nor any courage by which to confront the intruder who poses a threat to his family.  It was such a laugher that, as I recall, the commercial was quickly pulled off the air.

A comedian said that his wife was complaining about his masculine insensitivity, so he "got in touch with his feminine side."  She then left him and ran away with a bearded, brawny, leather-clad motorcycle dude.

Although humorous, these anecdotes subtly teach a lesson.  Human nature is unalterable.  We are men, or we are women.  To the core of our being, we are who we are, and no amount of social conditioning will change that.  Karl Marx's "new man" will not emerge from the man we already are, and certainly not from a new world order.  We can and should be civilized, but there is some truth to the adage that civilization is a thin veneer that covers our inherent nature as savages.  As Dr. Jordan Peterson says, a good man is a dangerous man.

So-called toxic masculinity is not masculine; it is the vain pretense of a cowardly male.  Real men are protectors of, and providers for, their women and children.  Manhood's core motivation is love.  Its core virtues are humility and service, not greed and lust.

A man's authority over his wife does not come from his muscles.  He never needs to announce it.  It becomes obvious from his competence and courage.  It never makes his wife feel afraid of him.  It never makes her feel less of a woman, but rather, more.  She never resents his manliness, but is grateful for it.

In one lifetime, Americans have seen the Greatest Generation overcome the Great Depression, defeat barbaric enemies in war, and build the world's greatest nation, a shining city on a hill.  Sadly, in the twilight of that generation, its few remaining survivors have witnessed the appalling decline of the nation they made great.  It now stands on the precipice of sudden collapse from within and catastrophic defeat from without.

We, their heirs, have unwillingly become the last hope, not only of our nation, but of civilization itself.  The overlords of society in all departments, both civilian and military, both industrial and academic, have installed themselves in every strategic office of influence and control.  Their plan is progressing at blazing speed.  Soon they will control everything, and once they have become permanently ensconced, they will have no need of their gullible accomplices.  Through permanent warfare, manufactured disease and calculated starvation, the masses will wither and die.  A small servant class will remain, but they will live in constant dread, knowing that their lives will last only as long as the overlords find them useful.

The overlords themselves are no longer afraid to reveal their plan: we, the masses, will own nothing, and we will be happy — meaning that we will dare not complain.

The final key of destruction is the perversion of the family, the corruption of manhood and of womanhood.  It is embodied in the movement that seeks to feminize men and to masculinize women.  Worst of all, it seeks to castrate our sons and to sterilize our daughters.

Therein lies the death of wokeness, because we as parents will refuse to sacrifice our children to them.  They are the one investment for which we will never count the cost.

Image: JoslynLM via Flickr, CC BY 2.0.

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