When the national security adviser complains about free markets...

Joe Biden's national security adviser (NSA), of all people, has strong opinions about free markets.  He says they are the cause of all our economic problems and the solution is a stronger central government that guides markets.

To deal with these problems, Sul­li­van said, the U.S. needs a new approach, a "mod­ern Amer­i­can in­dus­trial strat­egy" in which a more as­sertive fed­eral gov­ern­ment guides in­vest­ment, in­dus­try and trade to bol­ster both the mid­dle class and national se­cu­rity.

The Democratic Socialists in Germany said the same thing in the 1930s.  They embraced fascism and were called Nazis.  This is the mindset that pervades the highest levels of our government today.

Our nation has emplaced avowed fascists in positions of great power, and we are arguing about how we hate or love Trump or Biden and complaining to one another how bad it is!  We are fighting among ourselves while the snake of fascism slithers into power.  The greater threat is an idea; the antidote is also an idea, an ideal.

The foundational principles in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution are the rights and responsibility of the individual.  The sanctity of the individual.  Freedom, liberty, and free choice.   Fascism, like communism, is the antithesis of individual freedom.  

Free markets and capitalism spring directly from this individual liberty.  The private economy depends for its existence on the concept of the inalienable and individual right to ownership of property.  That means that the federal government cannot confiscate it or "guide" it.  

We have the Rule of Law to guide our interactions and, especially, to limit our federal government's control.  We can't allow Rule by Regulation to supplant duly elected lawmakers, who are accountable to the citizen, by bureaucrats who amass power through control of private industry.

Consider the meaning of "guide" and how easily regulation can morph into control.  That is the intention of what the NSA said.  That is the greater threat to our inalienable rights.  Putting aside our petty differences and uniting against that threat is the only way we can overcome it.  And we can restore the United States of America to its citizens.

Image: Jake Sullivan, right.  Credit: Hudson Institute via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0.

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