When fake dire climate predictions turn out to be wrong, they just come up with new scare tactics

Humans and our use of natural resources did not cause the drought in California, and government policies didn't end it.  Record rain and snow, which were not predicted, ended the drought.

Droughts, and other weather events, throughout history have always come cyclically and naturally and always will.

It is a massive fraud, to scare the public into submission, when politicians, bureaucrats, and others make dire predictions and then claim they can control temperatures, sea levels, and storm activity if we just let the government confiscate trillions of dollars and give up our quality of life and freedom. 

Indoctrination, repeating something over and over again, is the only explanation for anyone believing that electric cars and getting rid of gas stoves and gas heating will change temperatures and the climate.

Climate Alarmists Swing From Megadrought to El Niño

We haven't heard much lately from climate changists about the megadrought — trumpeted as the worst drought in the last 1,200 years — that has been afflicting the West for the past two decades and imperiling the day-to-day existence of all who reside there. Or about the possibility of drilling holes in Glen Canyon Dam to let the Colorado River through, to accumulate behind Hoover Dam instead, and to prevent Lake Mead from receding to "deadpool" level. Or about discovering human remains on the newly dried bottom of the aforementioned Lake Mead. Or about piping Mississippi River water across the continental divide to save the thirsty Southwest.

Because it rained.

Humans didn't create and can't control the following:

  • El Niño, La Niña
  • The sun
  • The moon
  • The tides
  • the gulf stream
  • the jet stream
  • clouds
  • water vapor
  • all the natural elements in the atmosphere, including carbon, oxygen, and CO2
  • the temperature on the sun (around 10,000 degrees F)
  • The tilt of the sun
  • the distance of the sun to the Earth (around 93 million miles)
  • solar activity
  • the rotation of the Earth
  • the orbit of the Earth 
  • the natural resources inside the Earth

We did not create the process whereby people breathe out CO2 (a clear, innocuous, non-pollutant gas).  Nor did we create the process where plants inhale the same CO2 — which allows the world to be fed.

CO2 was around 280 parts per million in the atmosphere in 1860, when the Little Ice Age ended.  Today it is over 400 PPM, or up over 30%.  Yet the temperature has fluctuated during that period with periods of warming and cooling.  There is clearly no correlation between temperatures and CO2.  It is also silly to believe that something as little as 0.004 parts of the atmosphere controls the temperature on the Earth when there are so many other natural variables contributing to the climate.

If there is no correlation, there can be no causation.

It is arrogant and ignorant for journalists, politicians, bureaucrats, and educators to believe they have the ability to control temperatures, sea levels, and storm activity when they have always changed and continue to change cyclically and naturally.

Indoctrination is truly a dangerous thing. Pretty soon people will be killing cows, a major meat, cheese, and milk source, to pretend they can control the climate.

In the U.S., there were around 1 million cows in 1860, and today there are an estimated 92 million.  (The world has an estimated one billion cows.)  If the methane from cows contributed to warming, temperatures would not fluctuate around a flat line while the cow population is rising exponentially.

If there is no correlation, there can be no causation.

Billions of people are in poverty and starving, and green energy pushers are pretending they can control the climate by telling underdeveloped countries that they shouldn't develop natural resources and shouldn't eat meat.  Please, don't pretend they care.

Ireland considering killing 200,000 cows to fight climate change

The Irish Mirror stated that "the cows would have to be 'culled' at a cost of €600,000 to taxpayers over the next three years to meet climate emissions targets.

Crude oil, coal, natural gas, and other products have greatly improved our quality and length of life.  The industries that produce them should not be destroyed because of fake predictions and computer models that are easily manipulated.

Why don't the media ever ask Kerry, Biden, Gore, Obama, or anyone else for the scientific data linking temperatures to crude oil consumption?  The answer is they don't care, and they probably know there are no data to support the theory.

Graphic credit: Pixabay license.

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