Washington Post helps those who are intimidating lawyers into not working for Trump

The right to counsel for defendants is sacred to our democratic republic.  Preventing defendants from obtaining counsel clearly adds to the darkness that the Washington Post endlessly tells us is fatal to democracy.

A highly organized group of people is attempting to deny Donald Trump the right to legal counsel of his choosing by organizing a campaign of intimidation of lawyers who might be asked to serve his defense in the criminal matter he now faces.  Alan Dershowitz, one of the last honest liberals, writes:

Former President Donald Trump has now been arraigned and pleaded not guilty. He was represented by two lawyers, neither of whom he apparently wants to lead his defense at trial. He has been interviewing Florida lawyers, and several top ones have declined. I know, because I have spoken to them. There are disturbing suggestions that among the reasons lawyers are declining the case is because they fear legal and career reprisals.

There is a nefarious group that calls itself The 65 Project that has as its goal to intimidate lawyers into not representing Trump or anyone associated with him. They have threatened to file bar charges against any such lawyers. When these threats first emerged, I wrote an op-ed offering to defend pro bono any lawyers that The 65 Project goes after. So The 65 Project immediately went after me, and contrived a charge based on a case in which I was a constitutional consultant, but designed to send a message to potential Trump lawyers: if you defend Trump or anyone associated with him, we will target you and find something to charge you with. The lawyers to whom I spoke are fully aware of this threat — and they are taking it seriously.

Yet here is the Washington Post helping such efforts along:

As former president Donald Trump pleaded not guilty to federal charges that he kept and hid top-secret documents in his home, he has found himself in a familiar position in Florida: He needs a new lawyer.

Trump was accompanied in court for his arraignment by two lawyers, but The Washington Post has reported that his team is actively hunting for another veteran litigator to take the case after several high-profile resignations from his defense. (snip)

As Trump continues his 2024 campaign amid a series of federal and state legal woes, here is a list of many of the attorneys who've represented him in some of his biggest court fights in recent years:

A list, suitable for targeting, follows.  I agree with Ed Lasky, who emails:

How is this just not maliciously targeting these lawyers? What news values is this list?

The answer: none, unless you wish to help the effort to deny Trump the counsel of his choice.

The Washington Post is helping tyranny envelop democracy in the darkness it says is fatal to democracy.

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