There are more important things than LGBT stuff that deserve pride

We're midway through pride month.  Oy, vey!  Bludgeon me over the head with it a little more!  The AllTrails app wants me to "bring my pride on the trail" — huh?  My gym management wants me to display my pride there — really?  We come there to exercise, not flaunt our preoccupation with weird sexual fetishes.  TV news features a Pride story nightly.  Our government flies a rainbow flag, as do some of our virtue-signaling neighbors.

You can't ignore "Pride."  Pride is no longer the sin.  Not giving it enough attention is the sin.

I'm a proud American, a human who does her best to contribute something positive to family and to society.  Isn't that enough?  Shouldn't we be emphasizing our best qualities rather than our sexuality, our race, our ethnicity?  Let's end our tedious months of torture!  Black History Month, Asian-Pacific Islander Month, now Hedonistic Exhibitionist Month.  What's next?

I'm a wife, a mother, a grandmother.  I have some quirks and foibles.  I don't check all the femininity boxes.  I hate dressing up, preferring jeans and a tee.  I rarely wear make-up, and (gasp!) I go to a barber because she understands my hair and cuts it the way I want her to.  I'm not confused by my personal contradictions.  Defining myself to fit a stereotyped sexual "orientation" pattern other than "woman" doesn't work.  Nope, not LBGT or Q.

Image by freepik.

I grew up in the '50s, when life was far more conservative.  It wasn't until the drug-infused '60s that things started to change, and I started experimenting with those changes, albeit briefly.  It seems to me that since that time, we've lost all self-restraint, decorum, and propriety.  Those things just don't seem to count in modern life.

I don't think we can survive without common sense, self-control, and respect for our inherent qualities as men and women.  Pretending we're something we're not is causing our collapse — you can't build a house on a fake foundation, to use a simple metaphor.  It's no wonder the kids are confused.  No wonder we have such a violent society.  No wonder so many people are on one or another type of drug.  Destabilizing society wreaks havoc.

It all melds together, so you can't separate one delusional fake reality from the rest.  If you think there are no consequences to acting out sexually, think about what flows from doing away with consequences for crime.  Permissiveness in one area breeds it in others.

One example: Nine people were arrested for viciously beating and robbing about 50 people recently in Oakland, California.  Eight were "youths," and despite the mayhem, all were released, back on the street maybe a week after their arrest.  Surprise!

Similar attacks have commenced.  A couple was walking down a very nice business district street when someone walked up and slashed the man's face with a knife.  Not a robbery — just vicious, terrorizing violence.  Our society permits it, even encourages it.  The same "youths" or different?  The message was anything goes — and that message was received.

It now takes a conscious effort to patronize stores in any business area.  Surprised that good businesses are closing everywhere?  Can they survive their customers being attacked in broad daylight?  Or being burglarized equally relentlessly?

Thieves just drive a stolen car through the front window in the night and clean out everything.  How can a businessperson survive all that?  Work for years to create something good, and it's taken in moments by thugs just because they can do it without consequences.

Where is our pride in a good society?  Wouldn't that be a better thing to re-create and then celebrate?  Instead, maybe we should just call it what it is, yeah?  How about Violent Thug Pride Month?  Followed by Homeless, Drug-Addicted Rotting Near-Corpse Month?  Or maybe Illegal, Violent Migrant Month?  Oh, wait...those last two could be consolidated into NGO Money-Pit Month.  Those folks may act like Robin Hood on the surface, but they are making bank.

I remember when Rudy Giuliani became mayor of NYC, my old hometown.  His broken windows theory — that if you don't stop the small stuff, it will escalate out of control — should be a lesson to all.  He was right, and, surrounding us, we have proof of that.  A half-naked trans "performance" on the White House lawn?  Why not?

Last week, an Alameda County judge parked his car in the garage servicing the county admin office and was robbed at gunpoint.  Did I mention that we have a D.A. in the county who is a Soros devotee?  You probably figured that out from the eight "youths" who are back on the street.  The perps in this latest robbery are still at large, of course.  I wonder if they're wearing rainbow flag clothing they stole from Target and couldn't manage to sell to anyone!

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