Pig-Pen Nation: The greenie left declares war on washing clothes

First, there were low-flush toilets.  Then recycling shopping bags, famous for their germs.  There were reusable tampons, reusable toilet paper, and calls to end disposable diapers.  After that, Joe Biden declared war on showers.

It was always all about sustainability, health, and humanity, to save the planet.

Since then, the greenie left has come up with a new one: a war on washing laundry.

According to the BBC:

There's a growing cohort of people who believe in washing clothes less — or not at all.  Matilda Welin talks to the 'no-wash' and 'low-wash' believers.

The story features models for the movement like this guy:

For Szabo, the low-wash habit began when he bought his first pair of raw denim jeans in 2010. Travelling from his native Canada to Europe, he brought his jeans for the six-month trip. "It was a quirk about me that I had these stinky jeans," he tells BBC Culture. "They smelled awful." In Budapest he met his future wife, and the jeans became a character in their relationship. "My jeans would be in, like, a pile on the floor at the end of the bed," he remembers. "You walked into the room, you could smell [them]. ... I was very fortunate that my wife was as interested in me as she was."

And don't think this isn't part of some kind of plan from the left.

Sky-high electricity rates brought on by greenie energy mandates have already made washing clothes costly, the Beeb noted.  After Germany scrapped its nuclear plants in favor of greenie energy, electricity prices shot up more than 50% since 2021, and ten times higher than the pandemic's start in 2020, so you can bet there are greenie enthusiasts of the "no wash" movement in that "advanced" country.

But there have always been resisters, so the BBC noted that men and women were to be manipulated differently into embracing this "no wash" movement:

Mac Bishop, founder of clothes company Wool & Prince, explains to Fast Company that he changed his focus on "convenience and minimalism", which resonated well with male consumers — "particularly those who already disliked doing laundry" — when he started promoting his women's brand, Wool&. Subjected to centuries of sexist laundry advertising, women would be less responsive to the idea of not washing their clothes, he theorised, and research backed him up, showing that, with women, environmentalism was a more effective reason to give.

The clothing magnate cited claimed it was not a big a problem to persuade the guys not to wash, but women in particular were to be targeted with the save-the-environment argument.

No wonder leftists have been so big on useless practices that they know are useless, such as social distancing and the wearing of masks, supposedly to combat COVID.  While they have no value in fighting COVID, they work pretty well for the emerging "no wash" movement.

COVID brought us social distancing for health's sake.

Greenie fuel mandates drove up electricity costs for our own good. 

It's as if the homeless are unwitting models of sorts for the greenie left's war on washing.  And surprise, surprise: They're found in the biggest numbers in blue cities, where the greenie left has the most influence.

Again and again, it comes to light that green is not clean.  This war on personal hygiene is just the latest in the growing list of "gross" coming from the left.

Pig-Pen Nation may be the plan, but it is not going to save the planet. 

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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