Paul Ryan opens mouth, re-confirms swamp status (again)

Paul F. Ryan declared on Black Tuesday that the federal indictment of former president Trump makes Trump unelectable in 2024.

I hasten to put this backstabbing comment into context.  Last November, Ryan predicted that Mr. Trump would lose the 2024 presidential election.  Earlier this year, Ryan announced that if the former president is the Republican candidate in 2024, he will not go to the party's convention, to be held in Milwaukee, this July.  Ryan is from Wisconsin.

It should also be noted that in October 2016, Ryan declared that he will not campaign for, nor defend, Mr. Trump, then the GOP presidential candidate.

This record of anti-Trump zeal suggests that Paul F. Ryan no longer qualifies even as a Republican in name only.

One other relevant point about this Trump backstabber: Ryan was House speaker when the Deep State imposed the now-discredited Mueller probe on the Trump administration.  This writer maintains that if Ryan had been loyal to the legitimate presidential administration, Mueller would never have happened.  The evidence is persuasive: Paul F. Ryan is, effectively, a card-carrying member of the Deep State and will do just about whatever it takes to defeat a Trump candidacy in 2024, so as to maintain the Deep State's iron grip on the country.

What has the Republican Party done to be subject to worms like Paul Ryan and Chris Christie — and don't forget Liz Cheney — who burrow within to leave half the country without effective political leadership?  If Ryan were a Democrat and betrayed a high-ranking Democrat official as he has betrayed Donald Trump, he would have been ridden out of that party on a rail years ago.

There is, alas, a willingness of far too many in the Republican party to be led astray by the lies and badgering and intimidation of the Democrat phalanx, joined by its media acolytes.

Norah O'Donnell's badgering, on CBS News, of Rep. Nancy Mace, while the events of Black Tuesday transpired, was sickening, rude, unprofessional — but consistent with the conduct of a Democrat hack.  O'Donnell constantly talked over the beleaguered South Carolina congresswoman in a display of hostility to the First Amendment typical of leftists on college campuses nowadays.

Our country faces an existential threat — not from V. Putin, or China's President Xi, but from within.  If the Deep State is powerful enough to have foisted the Russia collusion hoax on the country in 2017–18, followed by the lies of the two Trump impeachments, and now, in the eyes of Deep Staters, the humiliation of a twice-indicted former president (with a third indictment coming down the Georgia pike in a few months), the Deep State is powerful enough to rig another election win in eighteen months.

Look for, soon after November 3, 2024 and the final defeat of Mr. Trump, the Democrat rabid zealots to get a conviction based on lies and the end of judicial fairness, with Donald J. Trump the first American president in history to be incarcerated.

It would be much better if history were to blot out the names of the anti-democracy conspirators, names including Paul F. Ryan, along with Comey, McCabe, Brennan, Clapper, and the rest of the Deep State ilk.

That goes for Mitt Romney and his curiously silent niece, RNC head Ronna McDaniel, as well.  May the GOP eventually stop tolerating political Benedict Arnolds in its ranks.  To borrow from Lincoln, a party resting on disloyalty disguised as righteousness will not stand.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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