MSM pilot fish like NYT, WaPo, CNN, and CBS signal that Biden is on his way out

It took over eight hours for the biggest of the bigfoot corporate media to decide to publicize the evidence of Biden family criminality exposed by the IRS whistleblowers.  But when they did, they did it big time.   

The IRS whistleblowers heard Thursday by the House Ways and Means Committee provided devastating testimony about what Kimberly Strassel of the WSJ summarized as "blocked search warrants, tip-offs to Mr. Biden's team, squelched avenues of investigation, downgraded charges, and interference by Joe Biden's appointees" protecting Hunter Biden. The details show evidence of major crimes, including this doozy: "Hunter Biden Threatened 'My Father' Could 'Hold a Grudge' in Extortive Message to Chinese Associate Revealed by Whistleblower."

What's very interesting about the media coverage by the  major propaganda organs is that it took them a while to figure out what to do.  In the late afternoon, Eastern Daylight Time, Hans Mahncke, who had been watching for signs of MSM coverage of this gigantic story, published this tweet about its absence:

It looked a lot like the standard blockade of bad news for Democrats.

But then look what happened:

  • The New York Times: I.R.S. Agent Told Congress of Hunter Biden Invoking His Father in Business Deal
  • The Washington Post: IRS whistleblower says Justice Dept. slowed, stifled Hunter Biden case
  • CBS: Two IRS whistleblowers alleged sweeping misconduct in the Hunter Biden tax investigation, new transcripts show
  • CNN Whistleblowers say IRS recommended far more charges, including felonies, against Hunter Biden

The dam broke!  Hours and hours after the story broke.

Call it a conspiracy theory if you wish, but what explains the belated timing of publication of this story among all these pilot fish propaganda organs that signal other members of the Democrats' media apparatus which stories are to receive coverage and which are not?

Tracy Beanz also noticed:

My guess is that the same people who decided that Joe Biden was to be the nominee to stop Bernie Sanders, who was leading in the quest for the 2020 nomination, and who engineered his triumph in South Carolina when he had been languishing in fourth place, have decided that Joe just can't be allowed to be the 2024 nominee because he will lose.  And it took a few hours for this decision to be made and to be diffused to the apparat.

The signal to Joe and Dr. Jill is clear.  It's time to start planning on packing up and vacating the White House premises by early 2025.  A faster schedule than that would require dealing with The Kamala Problem, and there's no sign (yet) that she can be removed from the Naval Observatory before her term ends and a satisfactory successor appointed and confirmed.  Because confirmation would require a majority vote of the GOP-controlled House, that would be risky, especially since the speaker of the House becomes POTUS if the presidency is vacant and no vice president is serving.

Just as Bernie Sanders was persuaded to accept his fate in 2020, the same powers of persuasion (let's charitably call it that) can be exercised on Joe and Dr. Jill.  After all, we're talking about potential criminal indictments and prison terms — the Trump treatment — once the apparatchiks in the DOJ, IRS, and FBI get the word that the full force of the law is to apply to people with the surname Biden.

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