Matt Walsh commemorates 'Pride Month'

Okay, I get it: the idea behind "Pride Month" — which really means homosexual pride month — is a defiant rejection of the shaming of (?) that has been characteristic of many (but not all) societies and cultures throughout the ages.  But pride in sexual activities, as a general principle, does have a downside, as in lotharios boasting of conquests and groupies counting their famous sexual partners.  Promiscuity has a definite downside from a public health standpoint due to the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, after all, even if morality is rejected as old-fashioned and repressive.

But given the origins of Pride Month, it is at least an understandable human response to historical shaming, regardless of one's views on the propriety of same-sex physical intimacy.

However, as Matt Walsh deftly satirizes with what appears to be a list of genuine days proclaimed as quasi-holidays, a reaction to previous shame can readily morph into narcissism.  With his droll, deadpan delivery, Matt Walsh treats us to two minutes of hilarity.

Photo credit: Twitter video screen grab.

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