Groundbreaking study concludes (again) that trans are more suicidal, but researchers can’t acknowledge the real why

On Tuesday, a reporter for The New York Times authored a column with this teaser:

Using four decades of health data from Denmark, the study offers the clearest picture yet of the suicide risk among transgender people.

The study was published two days ago in the Journal of the American Medical Association, and concluded what many of us likely already know: “transgender” people are at a massively increased risk of both successful and attempted suicide. In the report the NYT touted as the “first in the world to analyze national suicide data for this group”, researchers found:

Transgender people in the country had 7.7 times the rate of suicide attempts and 3.5 times the rate of suicide deaths compared with the rest of the population….

The publication of the data comes right at the tail end of “Pride” month, a ritual that trans czar Richard Levine recently suggested should extend through the entire summer (a precursor to the inevitable call for a 24/7 session no doubt) and both the authors of the study and Levine determine the disproportionate rates of self-harm in the trans community to be caused by regressive-minded societal factions. (We all know exactly who they mean.) In a recent interview, Levine declared pediatric Frankenstein surgeries and synthetic hormone cocktails to have support at “the highest levels” of the Biden regime and noted these interventions to be “literally suicide prevention”; the post-study “discussion” portion of the abstract noted:

Transgender individuals may be exposed to systemic negativity regarding their trans identity in the form of bullying, discrimination, exclusion, and prejudice, which in turn may result in alienation and internalized stigma, mental health problems, and, ultimately, suicidal behavior.

Ahhh, so it’s not that cross-dressing deviants obsessed with sex and advocating for the amputation and mutilation of healthy body parts are mentally ill, it’s those mean conservatives with their bigoted opinions sending these “marginalized” outsiders into a suicidal spiral. Yes, the people who get a carte blanche check to violate indecent exposure laws in front of children for a whole month, and have major corporations like Lockheed Martin, Bud Light, Target, Kohl’s, and the United States federal government promoting their agenda, are “marginalized.” Got it.

And “bullying”? Kind of like the militant trans wackos that bully and physically accost children who detransition and leave the cult? Or the “systemic negativity” that seems to flourish in one demographic, and that is the romantic partners of these trans people? From one leftwing writer:

Domestic violence affects all populations, but the transgender community is victimized at higher rates than the general population….

(The violence against trans individuals is coming from their own crummy picks!)

Next, the study analyzed Danish data, and Denmark happens to have some of the most relaxed cultural attitudes and “progressive” laws in the world regarding the LGBTQ++ cabal. Nearly a decade ago, Amnesty International issued a call to the world to “follow Denmark’s example” for new “transgender” law; Equaldex found that the country rated number one out of 79 surveyed regions for “homosexuals as neighbors” acceptance with an overall “Equality Index” score of 86/100; and the nation’s official government website brags about its “pioneer status” and states:

Denmark was the first country in the world to establish the right for same-sex couples to enter into registered partnership back in 1989. In 2023, Denmark was announced the third most LGBT+ friendly country in Europe with a high degree of legal protection for LGBT+ persons.

(Reminder: the data used for the study spanned forty years, majority of which would have fallen within the timeframe of legalized gay “marriage.”)

Now as history repeats itself, the “progressive” faction of the world’s medical community is pro-euthanasia, and “treatment” can now be accessed by those suffering from mental distress — hat tip to Justin Trudeau’s “angels of death.” In fact, Denmark’s leftist government is now poised to vote on legalizing medically-assisted homicide after the Danish public successfully gathered enough signatures on the issue. How can suicide be both an issue and a cure?

A Newsweek piece from March of this year said:

A 2020 academic study with a sample size of 372 respondents found that 40 percent of transgender people had attempted suicide. It found that interpersonal microaggressions and emotional neglect by family members were the leading contributors to the attempts.

Interpersonal microaggressions? NPR tells us not to be fooled by the “micro” in “microaggressions”; these “subtle” comments or actions are indicative of real world violence. (How removed the average American is from any real suffering or war!) Comments so subtle they’re easily missed are spurring trans suicide attempts, and the conclusion is that these “microaggressions” are the problem? Couldn’t it possibly be that these people are simply radically mentally unstable?

Maybe I should join the Robin DiAngelo grift and write a book on “trans” fragility?

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