Democrats, with the help of the mostly complicit media, are seeking to destroy the greatest country that ever existed as fast as they can

The media and other Democrats repeatedly call Republicans fascists and dictators to intentionally mislead the public. Fascists are essentially authoritarians. Trump and other Republicans basically want to transfer power and money to the people, which is the opposite of what an authoritarian would do. Democrats are seeking to transfer as much power and money to the government, which is what fascists or dictators would do.

Here are some examples:

On healthcare, Democrats want to either have single payer, government-run insurance or want to dictate, as with Obamacare, exactly what must be in health care policies. Republicans want people and companies to have freedom of choice.

Democrats seem to want to make as many people to be dependent on government as possible, as with Great Society programs. Why would Democrats fight so hard to block a requirement for able-bodied people to work for their benefits? With Great Society expansion of welfare programs, Democrats essentially encouraged the break-up of families that leads to generational poverty. Republicans believe in a safety net but want policies that encourage work, instead of welfare, which would potentially allow people to move up the economic ladder.

Democrats believe that the government should pay off student loan debt. Republicans believe the people that borrowed the money and received the benefit should pay it off.

Democrats want to eliminate the debt ceiling so that they can essentially spend as much as they want, which allows them to get more power and buy more votes. 

Democrats want all kids that can’t afford to go to private schools to be forced to go to public schools, no matter how bad the results are. Republicans want children of all income levels and all races to have freedom of choice, which would allow them the greatest opportunity to succeed. 

National Democrats want all public schools to allow boys to compete with girls in sports and to share locker rooms with them. Republicans believe this is nuts and dangerous. 

Democrats also want to control what kind of energy you use. Republicans believe people should have the choice to buy electric cars and appliances if they want but should not be forced. 

Why doesn't the media report things about the climate that don't correspond with the dire predictions we have heard for decades? The answer is obvious. Facts don't make any difference to the media and other Democrats when they are pushing an agenda to control the people. They want to intentionally mislead students. They do not want students to ask any questions or do any research. After all, the media refuses to ask questions and do research themselves. That is why Democrats oppose letting poor and minority kids go to better schools. 

The following article shows that the capital of India has been experiencing record cold periods since 2017.

As far as I can tell, India's population is still growing, they are still driving, they continue to use coal and oil, CO2 is still rising, Methane is rising, and yet they are setting record cold temperatures that have stood in place for a long time.

When there is no correlation among all these things that we are told cause warming, there can be no causation. It is simple science.

Media Ignore Delhi’s Coldest May Since 1901

On May 4, India’s capital of New Delhi recorded the third coldest May morning since 1901. At 16 degree Celsius (60 Fahrenheit), the region’s 32 million residents woke up to a relatively cold morning in what is usually the hottest month of the year.

So why is there a record low temperature when the dominant mainstream narrative tells us that climate change has made our environs warmer than before? Is this just an aberration?

While Western media obsessed with the warm weather in Spain, India’s capital recorded a very cold summer morning. In fact, most of the cold-weather records in Delhi have gone unreported in Western media, which are mainly interested in showcasing the city’s extreme summer temperatures.

Neatly concealed from the public’s eye are the record low winter temperatures that Delhi has been witnessing since 2017. In December 2018, Delhi recorded an average minimum temperature of 7°C (44°F), the third lowest in the last 50 years. On December 30, 2019, the maximum temperature settled at 9°C (49°F), making it the coldest December day in 122 years.

As is the case globally, winter cold in Delhi is a bigger killer than summer heat. According to studies, short-term exposure to extreme temperature accounts for 6.5 percent of all deaths in India, with 88 percent of that amount caused by cold weather and only 12 percent by hot weather.

The founding fathers came to America and made "We the People" the most important component to our success and freedom. 

Democrats have decided that "We the government" is much more important than "We the people"

The choice gets easier every day as to whom we should elect if we want to save our republic, freedom, and prosperity. Do not pay attention to the media.

Why would we ever trust people who can't define the difference, or don't believe there is a difference, between men and women to control anything?

Heaven help us and the world if we cave and intentionally collapse our country with socialism.

On a side but related note: Why don't the media and other Democrats refuse to travel to Europe, complete with lectures to Europe that they are anti-woman, since they block almost all abortions after 12-14 weeks. Why isn't it called a ban? The answer is that they don't care!


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