Congress's cowardice collapse

When it comes to the budget, Congress does not represent or protect the American people.  They represent their self-preservation and protect their party’s position of power.  Every single time Democrats gain power, they build up “their” administrative state, overspend, and move us toward bankruptcy, while packing the administrative state agencies with leftist activists. 

When Republicans gain power, they surrender the battlefield to the Democrats, pass budgets that bankrupt us further telling us how this is saving us money, never unpack the leftist insurgents from agencies, and then tell us how they saved America by raising the debt limit and by slowing the debt increase.  Not stopping it, but by letting it grow slower until Democrats can gain power again and increase spending beyond our capacity to avoid bankruptcy. 

A second misconception is the name of the latest debt ceiling hike, bill, the “Financial Responsibility Act.” How does suspending the debt ceiling until 2025 do anything but give President Biden free rein at spending as much as he wants for whatever he wants.  This explains a lot about why government is so bad; neither Democrats nor Republicans understand what Responsibility means.

Forget the American flag, or gay pride flag, or any flag Congress flies in an attempt to gain votes; the only flag that Congress should fly is a big white flag.  McCarthy lied to us when he said once he’s speaker things would be different. Which explains some things too; if they don’t know what the word responsibility means, then certainly we don’t understand the word, different.

Republicans joined Democrats in lying to us. Too afraid to fight for America, McCarthy pulled a Benedict Arnold and went over to the other side passing a budget that will certainly be the beginning of the end for America as a superpower.  And 151 Republicans and 163 Democrats supported McCarthy.  If you look at the numbers, this is a Democrat bill giving Biden all that he wanted, and giving McCarthy the yellow stripe award for 2023.

Congress loves to talk about the brave men and women who serve our country, who give their lives in defense of freedom.  Yet this Congress is so afraid of the truth, so afraid of having to go back to their homes and find a real job, that they will do anything to stay in office.  Only 46 Democrats and 71 Republicans voted against this bill.  That means only 117 members of Congress deserve even consideration for reelection in 2024.  The damage done to America by the 2022 Congress will take generations to correct.  That is if we still have a country after all this.

We complain about Congress, but yet we the voters stand on the sidelines and keep voting for this corruption.  We the voters say, “Well it’s not our representative or senator, it’s everyone else’s.”  We have forgotten that we the voters are we the people.  You know the very ones our Founders gave the power to; yet we act like we have no power at all.  We the people have forsaken the very principles of our founding, the very words of the Declaration and Constitution by surrendering our power and our nation to the political and financial elites who serve only their self-interest.

Without fair and honest elections, without a people willing to do as our Founders did, that is serve God and defend liberty, America is lost.  Without pastors and priests willing to point out the deceit and corruption of politicians, the cultural and societal destruction of decency, and the lies that now rule America’s political class, America is lost. 

It’s time America changed our national symbol from the eagle to the ostrich.  The question we must ask is: how did we go to sleep in America, only to wake up in China? If you can understand these two questions there may be a chance for us.  But first we have to vote out of office the 314 who voted for the “Financial Irresponsibility Act.”  It is time we take back our language and call things for what they are.  Time that we vote for those who have read, understand, and support the founding documents of our nation. To understand how that works go to America's Founding - Lesson 4 - Declaration and Constitution Working Together

If all that has happened since 2008 has not awakened you to stand against the evil that has captured our government, medicine, education, and society, then we have sentenced our children and most likely their children to life under tyranny.  As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord, for there hope abounds always.  In those documents is where our Founders found their strength to stand against the tyranny of the king. There is where true freedom originated.  And in our refusal to unseat those in Congress who don’t understand that, is where freedom will be lost.

John Radell is a Viet Nam War vet who fought in the 1968 Tet Offensive and is the Mid Atlantic Director of the Faith and Freedom Coalition and part of the coalition of Catholics, Evangelicals, and retired Special Forces that have built the Serve God Defend Liberty Movement.

Photo credit: David Maiolo CC BY-SA 3.0 license

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