Biden's fall was but one of several indications there that he is now unfit for the responsibilities he carries

Once again, the president of the United States has fallen down at a public event, this time after delivering the graduation speech at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.

YouTube screen grab (cropped).

Anyone can slip and fall, but when an 80-year-old elder repeatedly falls in public, it is a sign that it's time to retreat from the rigors of normal activity and receive the care that a lifetime of work merits.  So far, thankfully, Joe Biden's falls have not broken a hip or otherwise caused serious, permanent damage.  But there is no reason to expect that the pattern of falls we have seen will suddenly abate.

For the sake of his well-being, his wife "Dr." Jill Biden and family must stage an intervention and get him to retire to a less stressful and hazardous lifestyle.  No matter how much they enjoy the power and perks — not to mention the opportunities for enrichment — the proximity to power brings, it is their responsibility to protect him from hazards he faces in the last stages of life.

But, while highly visible and dramatic, the fall is a lesser indication of trouble for the country than the mental impairment the president obviously suffers from.  Nick Arama of Red State has collected tweets with video excerpts making the case that Biden has gone "full on delusional," and they are convincing to anyone who is not personally invested in Biden remaining in office:

The United States is currently in a highly perilous position, fighting (and not winning) a proxy war against Russia — with the world's largest nuclear arsenal — as an armed confrontation with China over Taiwan is a distinct possibility.  At home, inflation continues to ravage the retirement savings of the prudent who prepare, and to squeeze the budgets of everyone as crime spirals out control and the open southern border allows in fentanyl, trafficked sex workers (including children), and large numbers of gang members and military-age men from hostile powers.

Yes, there is the problem of Kamala Harris becoming president if Biden resigns.  But could she be worse than Biden?  We simply don't know whom she relies on for advice, and because of her high staff turnover, it may be that she listens to no one.  I concede that this is a risk to the Republic.  And I suspect that many Democrats privately agree.

As Patricia Henry reminds us today, impeachment is an option, for the "border czar" V.P. has manifestly failed to live up to her oath of office and "take care that the Laws be faithfully executed."

As David Zukerman reminds us, the legacy media have a double-standard for presidential falls and will never give Biden the treatment they gave Gerald Ford and Donald Trump for missteps.

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