Biden is sneaking busloads of illegal migrants in from the Darien Gap -reports

For all the Biden administration's claims about having its open border now under control and the migrant surge over, the opposite seems to be the case. The migrants are still coming in big numbers, on air conditioned buses courtesy of U.S. taxpayers, and the only reason we don't quite see them is that the border has effectively been moved a thousand miles south, according to one reporter.

Michael Yon, a veteran foreign correspondent, has been positioned in the Darien Gap, a jungly, impenetrable stretch of land linking Colombia and Panama, and he's seeing the migrants getting picked up by the U.S.-paid buses for safe, secure transport into the states, the asylum paperwork presumably done in advance:



Meanwhile, sources abroad are seeing actual increases in the numbers from the Darien Gap

According to Financial Express, an Indian publication which is reporting a surge in Indian migration into the U.S.:

The numbers of migrants crossing the Darien jungle, a deadly 66-mile journey on the route to Central America and the United States between Panama and Colombia, has been increasing. The data published by the Panama National Migration Service shows: in 2020 there were 6,465 migrants, a low figure reflecting the pandemic and its restrictions, but in 2021 it rose to 133,000, almost doubling in 2022 to 248,284 people, and in January-April 2023, it has reached to 127,000 migrants from various countries who risked crossing the Darien. “To date, Venezuela, Haiti, Ecuador, China, and Colombia are the first five countries with alarming figures, followed by Chile and India. The latter, with more than 2,900 Indian nationals who decided to make this dangerous journey in 2023, a figure that represents more than 50 percent of the total for the year 2022, in which 4,094 people of Indian origin decided to make this risky journey,” says Cristhian Salamanca Garcia, Hybrid Professional & Trade Promotion and Intercultural Management between India & Colombia.

A 575-kilometer (357-mile) swath of dense jungle and swampland known as the Darién Gap separates Panama from Colombia. It is regarded as one of the world’s riskiest and most challenging migration routes.Many dangerous creatures, including jaguars, snakes, and venomous insects, may be found in the Darién Gap. Along with having steep slopes, dense forest, and quicksand, the terrain is also extremely difficult to navigate. “It can get extremely humid and hot in the tropical rainforest. Rain is also probable, which could make it even harder to navigate the terrain. There is a risk of violence and robbery from criminal gangs in the Darién Gap because it is a well-known route for smuggling.However, thousands of migrants choose to travel this route in search of a better life,” explains Sandeep Wasnik, Latin America Business and Investment adviser.

Yon spoke with Emerald Robinson about the presence of apparently Chinese special forces among them, whose rite of initiation is to drink chicken blood:



He's not reporting out of thin air. His stories from down the coast mesh fairly well with that of reporters up the coast at the border itself.

Border expert Todd Bensman reports that with the ending of Title 42, the immigrant flow is continuing as it had been before the end of the pandemic measure in May.

During a major surge of mass illegal crossings from Juarez to El Paso last month, Mayorkas and senior CBP officials repeatedly vowed that the border was not open, and that cartel disinformation tricked the poor dupes into coming.  

But these three Venezuelans, and many others besides them, who I interviewed that same day were not mindless dupes. They told me they were going because friends and family had just crossed and were residing in Washington State or were authorized on the Texas side to take buses to New York.  

This Venezuelan man told me he was about to cross with his wife and child, not because a smuggler told him the border was open or because Mayorkas said it was closed, but because friends had crossed two days earlier. They reported back to him that they were now in Colorado and New Jersey. 

“They [the Americans] let them in,” he said. “They get permits, immigration papers.” 

These are not mere internet wives’ tales. At the McAllen, Texas bus station, for instance, I met countless immigrants who had crossed illegally and were not sent back under Title 42as sworn. Instead, they were released on their own recognizance to settle in interior America. They sent selfies of themselves — thumbs-up on the bus or in plush Manhattan hotel rooms — to everyone they know who had not yet crossed, advising them they could safely enter the United States.  

Bensman also reports for Fox News that Mexican and U.S. officials are coordinating the activity.

Which would seem consistent with what Yon is reporting.

This clearly sheds insight on how the border surge has continued in the same manner as before, except without the television cameras present to record the chaos. The Biden administration, as Bensman has noted in his reports, places keeping the television cameras away from its border surge operation as its highest priority, not stopping actual illegal immigration outside norman legal immigration channels. That we know from its restoration of the catch and release policy, which was to prevent pictures of crowded detention center photos, and then the more recent actions to move the asylum process to countries further south, as well as online through the CBPOne app, again, to prevent crowds being photographed at the border seeking to surge in.

The problem of course, is that they are still surging in, and now public schools are reporting overcrowded conditions, blue city mayors are complaining about the cost of caring for tens of thousands of the third world's imported poor, and other unintended consequences are happening among those left holding the bag.

What this remains is a cynical, lawless White House bid to import millions of foreigners into the U.S. illegally, secure in the presumption that they will always get in, and once in never be deported. That's a violation of Congress's constitutionally mandated role to set immigration quotas, and the Bidenites are doing it right under everyone's noses, now sneaking them in since they can't bring them in without those cameras.

Image: Screen shot from Michael Yon video, posted on Twitter  

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