Biden fails to fool the public about getting the border under control

For a while there, Joe Biden's administration thought it sufficient to tell us he made the border "secure."

That didn't work.

So then he appointed Kamala Harris as his border czar — and that really didn't work.

Next up, when the blue cities got a few thousand of the million-plus migrants rolling across the southern border, and cried "uncle" to the White House, Biden claimed to have a plan in place for tough new measures to really, really secure the border.

Border crossings were down 70 percent as a result, he claimed.  The plan, he crowed, is "working as intended," and he cited numbers showing fewer recorded encounters or arrests.

Guess what: the public isn't buying it.

According to The Federalist:

President Joe Biden, his administration, and the corporate media tried their best over the last two and a half years to downplay the record number of illegal border crossings, but a majority of Americans aren't buying into the lie that the ongoing border crisis is improving.

A new poll from Pew Research found that 73 percent of Americans think the Biden administration is doing a bad job at handling the U.S.-Mexico border. For Republicans, the number rises to 87 percent. Even 62 percent of Democrats, whose party currently controls the White House and the Senate, say they disapprove of Biden's border bungling.

Of the 5,115 U.S. adults surveyed, 94 percent of Americans think illegal border crossings are a problem for the country. Nearly half of Americans, 47 percent, classify illicit migration as a "very big" problem. That is up nearly 10 percent from last year's survey, which found that 38 percent of Americans think the border chaos is a "very big" problem.

The Federalist cited 204,561 illegal migrant arrests for May, as if that were a "success," which could be called that only in comparison to previous months, and which, in any case, didn't reflect how many migrants were getting over the border through quasi-legal means, such as the CBPOne asylum app, which is a joke, having approved as valid 99% of all asylum claims, which means letting everyone in as a "legal" "immigrant."  Biden also set up new "asylum" processing centers in Central American countries to prevent migrants from massing at the border as a "priority" for the administration, as it didn't want more Fox News cameras photographing them, and bused them on in as "legal" "immigrants" from the Darien Gap under cover of darkness.  In addition, he set up special "humanitarian parole" programs for Venezuelans, Haitians, Nicaraguans, and Cubans who have relatives in the country to stay with for...years in order to wait out their asylum claims in court.  None of those crossings is counted as a border encounter, or an arrest.

But they sure do amount to the same phenomenon of "undocumented" migrants with no valid asylum claims to be able to get over the border and into the U.S. without going through normal immigration channels that legitimate immigrants use.  Tens of thousands are doing it.

In any case, as The Federalist notes, they aren't arresting migrants even when they do cross over illegally:

Law enforcement agencies are under explicit instructions from the Biden White House to avoid arresting illegal border crossers. Even those who are caught by border patrol will, be released into the U.S. with zero accountability.

The migrants aren't being fooled by Joe Biden's claimed tough new stance about border crossings, that's for sure.

And neither is the public.  Everyone knows what is going on.

Fact is, people on the ground can't be fooled about this dereliction of duty.  They see the migrants coming in, clogging hospital rooms, spreading disease, such as a virulent new strain of tropical malaria, which has been discovered in the past few days here in the States.  They're filling hotel rooms with "free" accommodations from the blue cities, filling public schools, filling welfare offices, and filling jails.  Drunk driving, shoplifting, and other criminal behavior from these incoming migrants is up.  Migrants are valuing their "right" to live in the States for about as much as they paid for it, which is nil.

But we're also seeing the breakdown of law and order in Mexico, with stunning examples of cartel power-grabs that have roiled Mexico's north.  You can't go to huge swaths of Mexico safely these days.  That's because the cartels have grown powerful — based on their money stream from migrants.

And we're seeing the rise of child labor in the States, from incoming child migrants, released to their smuggling and exploiting sponsors to operate heavy factory equipment and industrial chemicals, even as officials warn of problems, as if to give competition to places like China.

People in the States can't be gaslighted into thinking these things aren't happening.  What's more, the Biden has let the cat out of the bag many times about wanting to bring in all comers in order to usher in a new base of Democrat voters, many of whom will vote exactly the same way in the States as they voted in their home countries — which was why those nations became socialist hellholes.

Without serious border enforcement, which involves walls, deportations, and a rigorous adherence to congressionally mandated quotas, the whole thing amounts to smoke and mirrors.

As President Lincoln famously said: "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time."

Well, Joe Biden is about as far away from President Lincoln in terms of virtue and good governance as possible on the presidential scale of rankings, so of course he thinks he can — and he isn't. 

Image: Screen shot from ABC News video via YouTube.

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