As Trump indicted for questionable crimes, real crimes uncovered by Durham Report remain unprosecuted

The DOJ just indicted former President Trump for what is a non-crime involving alleged possession of classified documents from the Mar-a-Lago raid last year (see analysis).  Yet real crimes documented in the Durham Report remain unprosecuted.  How is this not banana republic behavior?

John Durham released his report on the alleged Russian collusion in the 2016 presidential election.  Durham concluded there was no Russian collusion.  He confirms that the Russian narrative was a disinformation operation run by the unelected Deep State, including the FBI and others on behalf of the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign.  Durham did not pursue Hillary Clinton's involvement or the source of the damaging DNC hack.  If it wasn't the Russians, who was it?  Seth Rich, perhaps?  The FBI has deep-sixed Rich's laptop, too.  Was Rich murdered to protect the false Russian Collusion narrative?

Durham did not recommend filing any criminal charges as the FBI implemented policies and procedures to prevent future occurrences.  I'm not that naïve.  Without individual accountability, there can be no reform.  In my opinion, Durham did document well the failures of the FBI and others but did not follow the evidence where it led to its logical conclusion to prosecute the crimes committed by the FBI, DOJ, and others.

Was this unintentional by Durham because he couldn't see the forest for the trees, or was this intentional?  In my opinion, these failures by the FBI and others were intentional — part of the effort that Professor Alan Dershowitz titled his recent book about: Get Trump: The Threat to Civil Liberties, Due Process and Our Constitutional Rule of Law.

Most likely, Durham, who had the power and authority to do so, deferred to protect the federal agencies rather than holding those who committed the crimes accountable, as former FBI director James Comey did with Hillary Clinton's possession of classified documents in her pay-to-play scheme.  The crimes committed by the FBI and others are well known to the readers of the American Thinker and extend back to at least the Obama administration (here).

Many conspirators acting alone or in concert with others, including the FBI, CIA, and DNI, committed many crimes to attempt to secure Clinton's election as president.  When Clinton lost the election, the conspiracy continued as a soft coup to undermine and sabotage the presidency of a duly elected president.  The conspirators interfered with the 2016 election with the false Russian narrative and the 2020 election by suppressing the information on Hunter Biden's laptop as Russian disinformation.

Our federal agencies are no longer politically neutral and intentionally violate the Constitution with impunity — dogs that will hunt only for "right-wing extremists" to the exclusion of the Marxist left.

I believe that the Biden and Clinton families are criminal enterprises as defined in the RICO Act.  Both families conspired with others, both foreign advisories and domestic operatives, to undermine, sabotage, and implement policies counter to the best interest and national security of the United States in return for their benefit — a cabal.

This cabal is a vast alliance that extends beyond the Biden and Clinton families and has corrupted our government through and through:

the World Economic Forum (WEF), the Globalists, the radical Marxist left, self-dealing and corrupt politicians, the Deep State, the ruling elite, the leftist media complex, big tech, multinational corporations, and foreign adversaries [China].  "These actors have robbed the public treasury of billions of dollars in broad daylight."  These actors seek and are driven by control of the people, to retain and gain more power and money [my emphasis].

I emailed Durham several times that this cabal is an ongoing criminal conspiracy under RICO.  RICO would allow individual criminal acts to be tied together under the RICO umbrella, extending the statute of limitations. 

In my last email, I wrote:

The Russian Collusion narrative is within your mandate to investigate.  I would challenge you to investigate all aspects of this false narrative as it will expose the perpetrators and those who aided or abetted in the commission of these crimes. ...

The DOJ, the FBI, the CIA, and others intentionally violated the civil rights of citizens, including the right of free speech, unreasonable search and seizure [Illegal wiretapping], ignored the rule of law and equal justice for all.  Instead, all engaged in or covered up for politically based selective prosecutions by entrapment, lying, the abuse of power, and unlawful use of force under the color of authority.

You, Sir, have the authority and power to do so.

The fate of our Country is in your hands.

Kash Patel is a former federal prosecutor who worked national security cases and was the lead investigator for Congressman Devin Nunes in the investigation of the Russian Collusion narrative.

Patel castigated Durham:

There is no justification for Durham's alleged inability to utilize the grand jury process and subpoena individuals, according to Patel . . . There's no way he doesn't know how to use the grand jury process and subpoena individuals . . .

Moreover, Patel accused high-ranking officials, including former Attorney General Bill Barr, former Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, and former FBI Director James Comey as well as current officials like FBI Director Chris Ray and Attorney General Merrick Garland, of prioritizing the protection of their institutions over affecting necessary reforms. 

The two-tier system of justice today continues because John Durham failed.

The case in chief to impeach Joe Biden is simply stated.  Congress should impeach Biden, but this is not likely to happen:

Biden's policies are detrimental to the United States' strategic interests and outright violations of federal law and the Constitution.  Joe Biden is a puppet of the Chinese and Ukraine (source). ...

Biden abdicated his constitutional duty to defend the border [An invasion].  The Chinese exploited this opportunity to flood the country with Fentanyl — supplying the Mexican cartels with the precursors to manufacture and distribute the Fentanyl.  The Fentanyl is killing about one hundred thousand yearly to wreak havoc and chaos in our communities.  The disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan directly benefited the Chinese.  In his pursuit of green energy, Biden also immensely rewards the Chinese and others in this scam (here), which is a massive redistribution of wealth (source).

Victor Davis Hanson calls it Our French Revolution.  Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. calls it "The Fascist Threat."  I can't entirely agree with Rockwell calling the local police thugs, but I agree on our federal Stasi:

Fascism is the system of government that cartelizes the private sector, centrally plans the economy to subsidize producers, exalts the police state as the source of order, denies fundamental rights and liberties to individuals, and makes the executive state the unlimited master of society.

This describes mainstream politics in America today.  And not just in America.  It's true in Europe, too.  It is so much part of the mainstream that it is hardly noticed any more. ...

In the long run even the most despotic governments with all their brutality and cruelty are no match for ideas.  Eventually the ideology that has won the support of the majority will prevail and cut the ground from under the tyrant's feet.  Then the oppressed many will rise in rebellion and overthrow their masters.

The constitutional checks and balances have failed to prevent the abuse of power and law violations because of systemic corruption.  Our sheepdogs have gone rogue and no longer protect the flock from evil.  The Judiciary, the DOJ, the FBI, the CIA, and others have gone full Stasi, supporting the authoritarian state (here and here).

These conspirators must be held accountable "to restore faith in the government we empower to govern.  It is up to us, We the People, to do so."

The House Oversight Committee can, through the power of the purse, revise policies and procedures or reorganize or dismantle these agencies.  Unfortunately, the committee can't prosecute individual conspirators. 

I'm at a loss of how to hold those accountable who failed to uphold their oaths to defend the Constitution and committed crimes with Durham's failure to prosecute or recommend prosecution.  The DOJ and FBI do the prosecution, but many of the high-level officials of these agencies are principals in these crimes — a Catch-22.  Such accountability may have to wait for a new administration to clean house.

In the meantime, become involved.  Do seek out alternative sources of information, don't be sheeple mindlessly trusting the government, don't succumb to state propaganda, and don't be afraid to raise your voice and ensure free and uncorrupted elections.

Exposing the truth is all-powerful!

Ron Wright is a retired detective, having served thirty-five years with Riverside P.D., Calif.  Ron earned a B.A. in political science from Cal State University, Fullerton, and a Master of Administration from the University of California, Riverside.  Facebook at Ron T. Cop.

Unofficial banana republic flag by Federico Zenith (public domain).

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