A 22-minute intake will get you a ‘gender-affirming’ testicle removal

Plume is America’s largest “transgender healthcare” provider. (The scare quotes I used reflect my opinion that “transgenderism” is a mental illness and the “healthcare” provided is mutilating surgery and drugs from which there is no return.) Matt Walsh and his producer, Gregg Re, learned that, with just a 22-minute video interview with a nurse, it’s possible to get a diagnosis of “gender dysphoria” that will trigger insurance payments to the “care” provider.

Plume’s website tells you a bit about itself. It boasts on its homepage that it is “the largest healthcare provider to the trans and nonbinary community.” That’s no exaggeration. According to Walsh, Plume launched just “a couple of years ago” and “now operates in 41 states.”

Plume boasts that it provides a smartphone model to work with patients:

Plume provides gender-affirming care directly from your smartphone. Our experienced healthcare providers understand the unique needs of the trans community.  Membership with Plume includes everything you need to start, continue, and maintain your gender-affirming hormone treatment. We know everyone has different goals for their transition and we are here to help you navigate your journey.

The process starts by (1) prepaying to sign up and schedule an appointment, (2) downloading a dedicated app, and (3) filling out intake forms. All its “Plume trained facilitator[s]” for its weekly Zoom sessions are “trans or nonbinary.” The process is fast:

You and your provider will have a conversation about your goals and desires to create a treatment plan that’s safe and right for you. They can answer any and all questions about what to expect.

Most people get their prescription sent to the pharmacy the same day as their appointment. You can message your care team any time in the app. (Emphasis added.)

Re engaged in the process: He prepaid, got his appointment, downloaded the app, and lied on his intake form. These lies included a fake name, explicitly deviating from the official symptoms required for a diagnosis of gender dysphoria under the DSM-IV (the psychiatric diagnosis bible), and claiming (all physical evidence to the contrary) that he’d been taking estrogen his father prescribed.

Image: Transgender flag (edited) by Vectonauta; dripping blood (edited) by freepik.

Next, Re had a 22-minute discussion with one of the intake providers (“She/Her/Hers”), during which he deliberately played dumb. Within three days, Re received a letter for his insurance company identifying him as someone suffering from “ongoing gender dysphoria” whose mental health would be improved with an “Orchiectomy” (i.e., testicle removal).

I’ve pasted the thread immediately below. It’s a little confusing, though, because Re’s odyssey starts only halfway down the Twitter thread. Before that, to set the stage, Walsh first has some video clips from a seminar that a licensed clinical social worker prepared for a training session.

Walsh’s text says that Ari Groner “educates doctors on ‘trans healthcare,’” but the video seems to be filled with instructions for social workers. It tells them how to make sure that the people they’re seeing are approved for “gender-affirming care” and, more importantly, that their insurance company pays for that it.

Next, Walsh has information from Folx Health, another massive “transgender healthcare” provider that’s gone from unknown a few years ago to operating in 47 states. The Folx information material states that the DSM-IV diagnosis doesn’t have to be true. It exists only to trigger insurance money.

The obsession with insurance money makes sense when you realize that there are tens of millions of dollars involved just for Plume and Folx.

With that set-up, what Walsh has to say speaks for itself. I ask only that, as you read his texts, and consider the nationwide push, beginning with very young children, to promote so-called “transgenderism,” you ask yourself that age-old question: “Cui bono (who benefits)?”

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