You mean to tell me oceans affect icebergs?!

Watch out: scientists have discovered that oceans affect icebergs.  Only deep thinkers could come up with that.  I bet the sun, tides, jet streams, and other natural phenomena also affect icebergs, just as they affect everything else. 

It's as if icebergs have never melted before this last ten to twenty years of "steady global warming."

Greenland Ice Sheet melting faster than previously thought, scientists say

Scientists have determined that in the last 10 to 20 years of steady global warming, the ocean has played an "important role" in the evolution of glaciers, Eric Rignot, professor of system science at the University of California, Irvine, and author of the study, told ABC News

I wonder what caused Greenland to be around the same temperature 1,000 years ago as today. 

Here is a hint: it is not humans, cars, CO2, gas stoves, coal, oil, cows farting, or anything else these green pushers seek to outlaw.

Now, what caused Greenland to be so much warmer two million years ago than today?  As a betting man, it is a pretty sure bet that the icecaps in Greenland and the arctic were much thinner than today, and somehow the Earth survived.

This section of Greenland is now a polar desert, but the new research shows that wasn’t always the case. More than 2 million years ago, the summer and winter average minimum temperatures of 10 degrees Celsius and 17 degrees C, respectively, were more than 10 degrees C warmer than present day.

As always, most of the media just regurgitate whatever they are told without asking any questions.  It is a shame that they are so willing to destroy the poor and middle class, along with industries that directly and indirectly employ tens of millions and greatly improve our quality and length of life. 

They must be proud that they are major participants in keeping underdeveloped countries poor and killing their citizens so much younger than countries that use natural resources. 

This article and almost all articles on climate change are meant to indoctrinate, instead of inform, to get people to capitulate to the radical leftist agenda. 

Image via Pexels.

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