With Biden AWOL on the border surge, courts and Congress get busy

Joe Biden has been AWOL for years on the border, but with a migrant surge on with his dropping of Title 42, he's positively out of touch.

"The border will be chaotic for a while" is pretty well the sum of his stance on the crisis.  Best he can do.

But in that void of leadership, we are seeing action in the courts and with our wretchedly feeble Congress.

From Florida, a federal judge has called a halt to Joe Biden's open-borders system of "parole" for any illegally crossing migrant who claims asylum, which is nearly all of them.

According to CBS News:

El Paso, Texas — A federal judge in Florida on Thursday temporarily blocked the Biden administration from continuing a migrant release policy designed to alleviate overcrowding at immigration holding facilities along the U.S.-Mexico border.

The ruling came just hours before the Title 42 border restrictions expired at 11:59 p.m. EDT Thursday, raising concerns about severe overcrowding in already over-capacity Border Patrol migrant facilities.

An injunction hearing will be held on May 19.  It makes sense.  The law, after all, says that illegal border-crossers must be detained.  Joe's "parole" or "alternative to detention" is obviously a joke.

Meanwhile, the House, at least, has gotten busy, with restoring "asylum" to its original meaning.

You can tell it's a meaningful bill based on the screaming from the left.  Here is the Al Jazeera headline: "US Republicans pass 'extreme' immigration bill as Title 42 ends."

They insist there is no chance for the reforms on asylum abuse to pass, owing to the Senate.  But they may be deluding themselves.  Other outlets are reporting that Democrats in the Senate are receptive to reforms.  Stay tuned for more on this.

Image: Screen shot from KTLA5 video via YouTube.

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