Why not a Kennedy/Carlson ticket?

In an interview on BBN, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. asserted that government infringement in the free market is the driver of both pollution and illegal immigration.  It is government aid, special treatment, and subsidies, he said, that attract polluters without accountability and likewise migrants who don't immigrate legally.  In a later interview with Mark Steyn, Kennedy recognized the role of SSRI mood drugs in mentally deranged acts like mass shootings, breaking a leftist gun-grabbing taboo. 

That same day, Tucker Carlson, who has featured Kennedy as a guest, and who can attract more people to watch him on Twitter than watch Fox News, announced that he will be launching a new show on social media.

What brings Kennedy and Carlson together is more than each one having a busy day in early mid-May.  They are very close to agreeing on "the undeniably big topics, the ones that will define our future," as Carlson puts it.

On war and peace, Kennedy and Carlson had this exchange. 

KENNEDY: "From a geopolitical standpoint, the Ukraine War is driving Russia close to the Chinese, which is a huge problem for us... The question is 'Why are we in the Ukraine?' If that's why we're there, and we're killing a lot of Ukrainians as pawns in a proxy war between two great powers, here's one last thing I would say. Nobody talks about this. There's 14,000 Ukrainians who have died, but 300,000 troops. Russians are killing Ukrainians at a 7 to 1 to 8 to 1 ratio. They cannot sustain this. What we're being told about this war is just not true."

CARLSON: "No, it's not true. And I would hope that despite the fact you criticize their advertiser, other media outlets would have enough respect for our country and for its voters to give what you said a hearing..."

Here Kennedy and Carlson show a consciousness of the media and world situation that is absent in other personalities in their worlds.

On civil liberties, Kennedy is asserting uncompromising defense of freedom of speech from attacks by the federal bureaucratic state and has walked back statements from years ago about how it ought to be criminal to speak in denial of environmental issues.  (He appeared to be talking about lies in court during his proceedings as an environmental attorney.)  Carlson openly agrees, celebrating people who boldly say "no" when pressured to say or think what they do not. 

Regarding corporate power, Kennedy told Carlson, "We printed ten centuries of money in the last 14 years. ... We need to get rid of corporate control of our government.  Our democracy is degrading into a kind of corporate kleptocracy."  This view of dominant corporations has been a mainstay of opinions of both progressives and America-First conservatives.

What attracted many centrist Americans to Trump was that he led organizations that actually paid people paychecks and was an outsider to the Washington system.  Kennedy, though from a political family, has lived independently, earning what he has by real-world work, and leading organizations that actually inform and empower (and employ) people.

Rumors of Carlson's political ambitions are only that at this point, but Reagan, Ventura, Franken, and others came out of media or entertainment careers into successful political careers.

Why not have Kennedy and Carlson join forces and carry out the "peaceful revolution" that has to be done?

(More of Kennedy's opinions on these topics and others can be found in this video.) 

Image: Gage Skidmore.

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