White House says border chaos is nothing compared to its Afghanistan chaos

In the Biden administration, they apparently compete for bragging rights with one other as to whose chaos is the biggest.

According to this story from Breitbart News:

On Friday’s broadcast of CNN’s “The Lead,” White House National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby criticized comparisons between the situation on the border and the withdrawal from Afghanistan and stated that “it’s not chaos down there at the border, at least not right now.”

Kirby reacted to a clip of Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX) stating that the situation on the border is as chaotic as the withdrawal from Afghanistan by stating, “I think it’s just incorrigible to compare what we’re trying to do with safe and effective pathways coming in through the border to what happened with Afghanistan. It is not at all the same situation. And the footage that you just showed demonstrates that it’s not chaos down there at the border, at least not right now. ..."

Did I read that right? What's his takeaway? That nothing can top the chaos of Biden's Afghanistan withdrawal dating from 2021? 

That would be the withdrawal that the Bidenites called 'a success' and then after an inquest, found no one culpable enough to fire, or even reassign. Gen. Mark Milley, the military man in charge, remains in his position as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, completely unaccountable for his string of errors and stupidities which cost taxpayers billions in abandoned military equipment to terrorists, left Americans on the ground, left translators and collaborators behind to be executed, led to the unnecessary deaths of 13 high-quality U.S. service members, and left the U.S. a global object of scorn, much to the delight of our enemies.

Yeah, there probably is nothing that compares to it, and it's nice that he's admitted it after all these years, but that doesn't mean the open border is not a disaster.

We see mass entry of unvetted foreigners into our country, mass releases of these unvetted foreigners into our country without so much as a court date, mass draining of city services of cash, homeless veterans evicted from their housing, mass abuse of our asylum system, rises in crime, lethal drugs pouring in, terrorists rolling in, flooded emergency rooms, bankrupt hospitals, overcrowded schools and prisons, and cartel overlords making mountains of money which they use to wreak havoc in Mexico.

That's a disaster by any reckoning and while Kirby was trying to save the administration from criticism for its border disaster, he could only do it by admitting that Afghanistan was a real disaster.

Truth has a way of coming out, and it tells us a lot about the Biden administration that it can only try to extricate itself from its ongoing disasters by admitting that its previous ones are worse.

Note also that Kirby qualified his defense by saying it wasn't as bad 'at least not now.'

What is he expecting?

Image: Screen shot from ABC News YouTube video


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