What Jill Biden wants, Jill Biden gets

Is America actually being ruled by a blowzy blond teachers' union activist and community college "professor," instead of the dotard the voters supposedly voted for in Joe Biden?

Sure seems like it, given a recent political-insider report from Politico (try to discount for the gush):

Privately, the first lady encouraged her husband to run again while giving him the space he needed to process the decision in the way he traditionally does: with extensive deliberations, consideration of the burden it would place on his family, and a bit of classic Biden hemming and hawing. She was involved in all the high-level discussions around the decision, giving counsel when she felt it was necessary.

“She is usually in the room when senior campaign staff are presenting strategy to her husband. She will ask questions. But she never weighs in on the decision,” said a former senior Biden adviser.

Her gentle encouragement of her husband’s reelection run comes as she's relishing her role, hanging out at the Super Bowl and the women’s Final Four, and actively posting on social media. Unlike the cliche applied to wives of major political figures — that they’re the “secret weapon” behind their husband’s success — there’s nothing that secret about the role she is playing.


As first lady, she has had a consistent presence within her husband’s close-knit team. Some aides have described her as “the closer” — the confidant the president trusts to give him unfiltered advice before he reaches a decision.

In other words, what Jill wants, Jill gets.

Given Biden's incompetence, she's effectively the final handler whom Joe constantly insists he needs to get permission from in making any little or sweeping decision. We've heard this many times.

Which is a whole lot of unelected power. Joe Biden is utterly helpless without this woman, jerked on puppet strings from the most extreme and vocal elements of the left, but taking marching orders from Jill, who knows even less about governing or the nature of this country than he does. 

It would explain why the failures -- from the border, to the Afghanistan pullout, to inflation, to the fall in military readiness, to Ukraine, to the Biden family corruptionfest and the rise of China -- are so prodigious.

It would also explain why Biden doesn't slip off into the sunset with what little dignity he has intact as even Democrat voters hope for. No, he's running for re-election and even greater failures and embarassments. 

They aren't senile Joe's decisions, they are Jill's decisions, the woman sitting behind that presidential desk.

Someone like this could never get elected to anything on her own, but here we are -- Biden in office in a fraudulent election, being controlled by a fraudulent housewife and union maid with little knowledge of anything other than faculty-lounge concerns and her own personal and family survival, who cannot pronounce basic Spanish words let alone dress herself properly. That's surreal, and unreal, given that this is the once-proud and mighty United States of America.

Townhall's Spencer Brown has additional commentary here.

America is being ruled by a wretched person unfit for office and it may not even be Joe Biden.

Image: Gage Skidmore // CC BY-SA 2.0

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