We call them ‘mala mujer’ in Spanish

While the Durham Report did not call for criminal indictments, one woman is responsible for this "crime."  Her name is Hillary Clinton and we know her story.  I agree with Victoria Taft:    

Durham wrote the “Clinton Plan” was conceived to distract from her very real and very illegal destruction of evidence -- her emails -- which were under a preservation order. “According to the declassified Clinton Plan intelligence, on July 26, 2016, Clinton allegedly approved a proposal from one of her foreign policy advisors to tie Trump to Russia as a means of distracting the public from her use of a private email server.”

Clinton’s apparatchiks, including Jennifer Palmieri, John Podesta, and Jake Sullivan, told the Special Counsel they knew nothing of the plan to distract from Hillary’s email scandal, describing such a plan as ridiculous. Durham found their protestations ridiculous.

Here’s Hillary touting the “connection” between Trump and the Alfa Bank scam. Sullivan, Joe Biden’s National Security Adviser -- which should help explain why his administration’s foreign policy is such a cluster -- amplified her tweet as well.   

“During the same week, Clinton’s campaign manager, Robby Mook, stated in media interviews that the campaign believed that the Russian government had carried out the DNC hack to assist Trump’s electoral chances and that Trump had made troubling statements,” the report states.

And Hillary’s pet attack dogs, Fusion GPS, seeded the fake story with their compliant fellow travelers in the media, including The Wall Street Journal news reporters and Reuters.

You know the rest of the ugly story.  You take an angry woman plus a media obsessed with Trump ratings and the country is put through all of this just because a certain person lost the election.  

Or as my late mother would have said:  "Esta mujer es mala" or "This woman is bad."  My mother was not referring to her political views but she did not like those either.

I understand that many want to prosecute Hillary Clinton for all of this.  I get it.  

Step back because God had a better idea.  

First, she was defeated by Barack Obama, a junior senator in 2008.  Then came Donald Trump in 2016, the guy whose wedding she attended.  

Second, she will never get to give a victory speech thanking her second-grade teacher, who apparently saw presidential material many years ago.  

In the end, this woman put up with a bad husband only to keep his name and run for president later.  Would you raise your daughter to do that?

She put up with a terrible husband only to wait for her turn and then American voters said, “Not you, sister.”

Hillary Clinton is a bitter, angry woman who could not accept the results and decided to tear up the country instead. 

"Mala mala mujer" who thankfully never sat in the Oval Office and made an important decision.

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