Washington Post covers up the role of bureaucrats in making the pandemic worse

In The Daily 202: The pandemic made the loneliness crisis worse, Washington Post writer Oliver Knox (“with research by Caroline Anders”) claims that the pandemic caused loneliness to worsen. But loneliness was not caused by the pandemic. It was caused by dictatorial edicts from government officials.

No matter how many lies or evasions Fauci and CDC made up, most of the media went along. People were told they would kill people if they gathered together. Churches were closed and fined if they refused to comply with the bureaucrats’ edicts.

The CDC, unions, and other Democrats colluded to keep kids out of schools and sports. If Republicans opened schools, the media and other Democrats said they were intentionally killing people.

How many federal workers and others are still working remotely? It surely isn't because of COVID. Why did it take so long for Biden to lift the vaccine mandate? It surely isn't because of science.

Now, Fauci, Weingarten and others are trying to rewrite history and say they didn't want things closed. Maybe The WaPo’s “fact checker," Glenn Kessler, could fact check that lie. Of course, he won't because he participated.

Look at what ABC did to RFK, Jr the other day. They censored him because they didn't want the public to see opposing views on Covid.

So look in the mirror WaPo; instead of blaming a disease where 99% of people survived for loneliness, blame the government officials who turned a very survivable disease for all but the elderly into a lockdown that spurred a loneliness "crisis" and damaged the education of the nation’s youth.

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