Was it something I said? Nicolás Maduro blocks me on Twitter after that last blog post about him

Nicolás Maduro is a busy dictator in the communist bowels of Venezuela, but not so busy that he can't pay attention to American bloggers.

So, after my last blog post about him and his death squad regime yesterday, someone back at the palace in Caracas who runs his Twitter account (I doubt he knows what computers are) got to work with this:

Well, well. Was it something I said, Nicolas?

My last blog, titled, 'Vomitivo': Brazil's Lula hails and welcomes Venezuela's Maduro, calling him just a victim of bad press,' seemed to rub him the wrong way.

Touchy, touchy, touchy, they get their feelings hurt so easily these days. 

Or maybe it was what was inside the blog that got his goat:

As for Maduro's actual record, which is that of literally running a death squad regime characterized by its extrajudicial killings (that's from the U.N.), as well as driving tens of millions of people out based on hunger, poverty, drug-dealing, and gangster rule, all built on a foundation of fraudulent elections...well, actually, that was just bad press:

Or could it have been my quotes from top Venezuelan experts, who aren't impressed with his governance, such as Pedro Burelli, who had these observations on the communist dictator:


Said by a character who is not only corrupt in the everyday sense of the word, but who is politically and humanly amoral. Saying that Venezuela is a "constructed narrative" will persecute and nullify it forever.

Very soon the @IntlCrimCourt  will make it very clear what its position is on the FACTS in Venezuela that constitute Crimes Against Humanity. The @TheJusticeDept has mountains of sealed accusations against the Madurista nomenclature for corruption, money laundering and drug trafficking.

And, in case the evidence is lacking, Venezuela is today a faithful example of an inept and rapacious exercise of power obtained illegitimately. 7.2 million do not flee from a false narrative, they do so from a terrifying and UNCONCEALABLE reality. It is increasingly evident that @LulaOficial  Version 2.0 will be much worse than the 1st. version. Old and withdrawn; willing to never spend work again. It will be a dark government and I dare to predict that it will surely have a rather unhappy ending for the VERY amoral Lula da Silva.

There were other experts with similar sentiments, too. Whatever it was, it was working fine yesterday, but today it was totally blocked. Seems it was the last straw.

It goes to show that he and his pariah state, which have failed to provide food, shelter, security, electricity or jobs to millions of Venezuelans, still has plenty of time to hunt down and block his critics on Twitter, including even us lowly bloggers for distant foreign websites three thousand miles away from him.

What a guy.

Dictators gonna dictator.

Image: Twitter screen shot

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