WaPo writers peacock as deep-thinking investigative journalists...and fool no one

They are amazing.  They find all sorts of information on President Trump — with an abundance of sleazy details (validity is beside the point!) — with documents.  Yet somehow, they never seem to locate the documents that Biden had moved, and had at several locations, for up to 50 years.  It couldn't possibly be that anti-Trump investigators are leaking like a sieve to compliant anti-Trump Democrat campaign workers posing as journalists, all of whom care deeply about classified documents being mishandled...unless it's by Hillary or Joe.

Yesterday, the WaPo ran a piece to imply, again, that Trump's handling of classified documents at Mar-a-Lago is a criminal and ethical breach to the nth degree.  The headline was rather anticlimactic: "Trump workers moved Mar-a-Lago boxes a day for FBI came for documents."

They have found out about trips Justice Clarence Thomas took with a personal friend (Harlan Crow) who happened to have money, and report how unethical it is, but seem to have no interest at all that the Obamas, Clintons, and Bidens received luxury vacations from Democrat donors who also have money.  Unlike in the case with Justice Thomas, these leftist benefactors may have had business with the government.

They endlessly scoured and reported on Trump's taxes but haven't seemed to locate Hunter Biden's tax documents, which allegedly show unethical and possibly even criminal behavior.  Maybe they still think the Hunter kickback information is Russian misinformation because the story is still buried in the WaPo and other newspapers?

The WaPo even found destructive information about Judge Kavanaugh near the end of his confirmation hearings, but of course they never needed actual evidence to report suspiciously timed and decades-old allegations of sexual assault.

WaPo reporters even received Pulitzers for reporting on the "Russian collusion" with Trump story.  Those deep-thinking investigative reporters should have received an award for fiction-writing instead, since it was all made up.  Maybe Christopher Steele, the DNC, and Hillary should have received the Pulitzer, too.

The fact-checking department at the WaPo hasn't even found all the lies Joe has told, like how he'd "not taken a penny from any foreign source ever" in his life, and "never" did he ever talk to his son about business deals.  Nope, when Hunter's business partners came to the White House, they talked about their grandchildren; it was as innocent as when Obama's Loretta Lynch coincidentally ran into Bill Clinton on the Phoenix tarmac at the same time Lynch's DOJ was conducting a fake investigation into Hillary's use of a private email server.  From CBS:

'He said hello,' Lynch recounted. 'I congratulated him on his grandchildren. ... It led to a conversation on those grandchildren, who do sound great.' She added that they also spoke of Clinton's travels in Phoenix.

Somehow, the brainiacs at the WaPo have not thought of any questions, or considered conducting an investigative report into the other side of the "climate" coin — so they just repeat what they are told.

The WaPo slogan is "Democracy dies in darkness," and every day that people read it, their intellectual capabilities diminish.  The newspaper is essentially a propaganda rag for the Democrat party — The National Enquirer's articles are just as informative. 

The WaPo article is meant to make the public believe that documents moved by Trump workers is a criminal activity.  It is pure baloney.  Biden had documents in unprotected and open spaces, in a garage, for years, and the articles about Biden always say how cooperative and transparent he was.  We have an incompetent, corrupt usurper in the White House because we have a complicit, corrupt media establishment that intentionally interferes in every election.

Since the WaPo first endorsed a presidential candidate in 1976 (Jimmy Carter), it has never supported any Republican for president, because facts and results don't matter — only power for leftists.

Image: Public domain.

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