WaPo columnist lies through her teeth and says Joe Biden has 'underrated deal-making prowess'

For months, Joe Biden said he absolutely would not negotiate. His spokespuppets repeatedly said there would be no negotiations. Biden denigrated Republicans, and according to CNBC, he even said this:

MAGA Republicans in Congress are threatening to default on the national debt, the debt that took 230 years to accumulate overall, unless we do what they say[.] They say they’re going to default unless I agree to all these wacko notions they have. Default. We’d be worse than totally irresponsible.

With all the government’s endless spending, we always reach the next “debt ceiling” — Biden knew this was coming, and he essentially did nothing. When he finally decided to “negotiate” at the very last second, he left town in the middle of the back-and-forth!

But now, according to Jennifer Rubin of The Washington Post, the 100-page deal between Biden and Kevin McCarthy displays Biden’s superior negotiating skills. The headline read, “Biden’s underrated deal-making prowess strikes again”. Rubin is as delusional as Biden himself.

The only superior negotiating skills I have seen with Biden is when he participates in the shakedowns of foreign parties to line the pockets of his own family.

The bill is nowhere near perfect, but it sure beats a blank check which is what Biden, most of the media, and other Democrats wanted. And, unlike Nancy Pelosi with her “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it” remarks, members of the House have the opportunity to read the bill before a vote.

Another person who deserves zero credit is Chuck Schumer, who has essentially done nothing this year and who was demanding a petroleum-free clean bill. Of course he has Dianne Feinstein and John Fetterman who are clearly some of the most competent Democrats I have ever seen helping him out.

We can count on Rubin and most of the media to be as honest in this election cycle as they have been the last seven years as they continually lied to destroy President Trump and to protect corrupt politicians like Hillary and Joe.

Image: Twitter video screen grab.

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