'Vomitivo': Brazil's Lula hails and welcomes Venezuela's Maduro, calling him just a victim of bad press

It's good times for Venezuela's vile communist dictator, Nicolás Maduro.

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva met his Venezuelan counterpart Nicolas Maduro on Monday and called out US sanctions against Venezuela as "extremely exaggerated."

Maduro, who is seen as a controversial leader internationally, met Lula on his visit to Brazil. Maduro was greeted by Lula with a hug and back-slap in the presidential palace of Brasilia. 

Effectively now, Venezuela has been welcomed back into the community of civilized democratic nations, or at least the community of BRICS and non-aligned nations, no longer a pariah state.

Joe Biden sent out some of the first signals that the coast was clear for it when he dumped Venezuela's democrats and sought out the detested regime to pump oil for him.

Now Lula, who leads Brazil, one of the pillars of the BRICS nations, has gone to town with it, calling it "the start of Maduro's return" or, more likely, given translation issues, Maduro's comeback.

"Venezuela has always been an exceptional partner for Brazil. But because of the political situation and the mistakes that were made, President Maduro spent eight years without coming to Brazil," Lula said at a press conference.

How the hugs have flowed.

What Lula meant by "mistakes" involved his predecessor, Jair Bolsonaro, who kept the brutal dictator the hell out of Brazil.

He's fixed that. 

As for Maduro's actual record, which is that of literally running a death squad regime characterized by its extrajudicial killings (that's from the U.N.), as well as driving tens of millions of people out based on hunger, poverty, drug-dealing, and gangster rule, all built on a foundation of fraudulent elections...well, actually, that was just bad press:

My translation: "Lula asures that authoritarianism in Venezuela is "a constructed narrative."

In other words, "What authoritarianism?"

That prompted expressions of disgust from those who know Venezuela well: 

Google Translate:


Said by a character who is not only corrupt in the everyday sense of the word, but who is politically and humanly amoral. Saying that Venezuela is a "constructed narrative" will persecute and nullify it forever.

Very soon the @IntlCrimCourt  will make it very clear what its position is on the FACTS in Venezuela that constitute Crimes Against Humanity. The @TheJusticeDept has mountains of sealed accusations against the Madurista nomenclature for corruption, money laundering and drug trafficking.

And, in case the evidence is lacking, Venezuela is today a faithful example of an inept and rapacious exercise of power obtained illegitimately. 7.2 million do not flee from a false narrative, they do so from a terrifying and UNCONCEALABLE reality. It is increasingly evident that @LulaOficial  Version 2.0 will be much worse than the 1st. version. Old and withdrawn; willing to never spend work again. It will be a dark government and I dare to predict that it will surely have a rather unhappy ending for the VERY amoral Lula da Silva.

Vomitivo, indeed.

Burelli is also a leading expert on Venezuelan energy production and all things Venezuela.

The hypocrisy is amazing.  Francisco Monaldi, a top energy economist at the Baker Institute at Rice University in Texas, noted the irony:

Eric Farnsworth, a foreign policy expert who runs the Americas Society, saw plenty that appalled him, too:

He was referring to Lula's absurd and offensive claim that Venezuela's last-ditch effort to force a democracy, through the legislative election of Juan Guaidó as acting president, was comparable to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

There was plenty of hypocrisy in that one, too, given that he otherwise doesn't mind Russia's invasion of Ukraine.  He just doesn't like democracy in Venezuela, or fair elections in Venezuela, which is about par for him, given the skeevy circumstances of his own re-election.

What we have here is Lula going off the deep end, scuppering all pretense of respectability for the chance to hug Maduro and dance around like a clown at an international conference with him.  He's waving his loathing for the West and its civilized values in their faces by embracing Maduro, who's one of the world's most oppressive and nasty communist dictators.

Where does that hate come from?  And why is Joe Biden still trying to suck up to him?  You can bet that Lula isn't going to do that kind of victory dance with senile old fraudy Joe.  Basically, the mask is off: Lula is a full blown member of Camp Castro and its own communist bloc, a happy pawn to China and Russia.  That's disgusting stuff, and his happy dance with Maduro doesn't bring Maduro into the community of civilized states — it takes Lula down to Maduro's level.  The West should treat him accordingly.

Image: Twitter screen shot.

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