Too many Republicans cave to radical leftist policies because they crave temporary adulation from the media and other Democrats

Instead of calling out climate change purportedly caused by humans and the use of natural resources as the massive fraud it is, many Republicans just try to slow down the radical leftist policies to destroy companies that directly and indirectly employ tens of millions, and which have greatly improved our length and quality of life.  Reasonable energy prices are especially beneficial to the poor and middle class.

If Republicans told the truth that there is absolutely no scientific data to show that our use of coal, oil, and other products increases temperatures and that the climate has always changed cyclically and naturally, they appear to be afraid that they would be called names.

They don't want to be called climate change "deniers," "anti-science," or stupid.  The actual anti-science people are those pretending to be climate scientists, thought leaders, journalists, and other Democrats.  No matter how wrong their previous dire predictions have been, they just repeat the talking point that "the science is settled."  Facts have never interfered with the leftist agenda to destroy or remake America.  Isn't it stupid to repeat talking points when there are no facts to support them?

Republicans should realize that no matter how much they cave or whatever they do, the media and other Democrats will always call them names to mislead the public and destroy them. 

When people disagreed with Fauci, the CDC, and others on taking the vaccine for COVID, they were called anti-vaxxers and anti-science, evil people who wanted others to die.  The media silenced people who opposed the dictatorial edicts.

Shouldn't Fauci and the others who repeatedly made things up without scientific data to support their talking points have been called "anti-science"?  Anyone who promoted or counted deaths from cancer, heart disease, and strokes as caused by COVID is clearly anti-science and intentionally misleading the public.

When Trump and other Republicans saw that several states violated their election laws in 2020, and Mark Zuckerberg committed fraud when spending over $400 million to interfere in the election, they questioned the election results, and they were called "election deniers" who wanted to destroy democracy.  The public was told misleadingly that the election was absolutely clean.

Wasn't it a massive fraud on the American people, and American interference, when the media, the government, and other Democrats intentionally buried the truth about Biden family corruption when they knew about the corruption for years?

Democrats have challenged elections for years, yet the media never call them "election deniers" who want to destroy democracy because they don't care.  The reason for calling Trump and Republicans names is to mislead and influence the public.

When Republicans use common sense to say that women and girls should not have to compete or share shower space with males, we are called "transphobes" instead of pro-woman.  Isn't it anti-woman to force women and girls to compete with men and lose their privacy?

The media and other Democrats say they are pro-choice and pro-woman because of their position on abortion.  But Obamacare took away their freedom of choice on their doctor and health plan.  Likewise, Democrats took away their choice about whether to take a vaccine (take it or get fired is not a choice), take away school choice, and are willing to annihilate women's sports.  So why aren't they called anti–women and girls?

Then the media and other Democrats always play the race card: if you enforce immigration laws and are a Republican, you are called a racist.

The NAACP are going after DeSantis as a racist.  They don't care how well blacks and other minorities do in Florida.  All they care about is that he is a Republican.

The NAACP don't protest or suggest boycotts of high-crime cities like Chicago that have led to generational poverty for blacks because they don't care.

A Democrat governor considers it an emergency if poor and minority kids get a choice to go to better schools.

Yet there are no protests from the media, the NAACP, Al Sharpton, Ben Crump, Biden, Harris, Obama, Clinton, AOC, Schumer, Pelosi, entertainers, educators, and other Democrats because they also don't care if poor and minority kids get a choice to improve their shot at a better life.

They need the leftist ideology indoctrination to continue because all they crave is power.

Rich non-white women can't stomach black Republicans who support conservative principles.

We are constantly told that we should respect all women and minorities, but Democrats repeatedly show that those are just talking points as they trash women and minorities if they dare stray from leftist ideology. 

Whoopi, Hostin: Tim Scott Has 'Clarence Thomas Syndrome' on Race in US

Asa Hutchinson, Larry Hogan, Mitt Romney, Mike Pence, Bill Barr, Chris Sununu, Chris Christie, and other NeverTrumps say that Trump should not be president because he is too divisive or abrasive.  Are they so unintelligent that they don't understand that the only time they are respected is when they trash Trump or other Republican policies?  The media will not support them for higher office, no matter how much they kiss up.  I do not see NeverTrumps complain about how Biden trashes Republicans and seeks to divide the country, because they don't seem to care.

I would ask the NeverTrumps what Trump should have done in the following situations:

  • When they had endless witch hunts on Trump based on the Russian collusion lie, should he have just shut up or called them out?
  • When they lied continuously about what Trump said in Charlottesville to gin up racial hate and division, should he have remained quiet?
  • When he saw how corrupt and political Comey and other people at the Justice Department were as they targeted and spied on people surrounding him, should he have pretended they were honest and that no one is above the law?
  • When Trump saw how corrupt Hillary was and that Comey and the Justice Department just let her off, was Trump supposed to remain quiet or call them out?
  • Should Trump have ignored the corruption of the Biden family in Ukraine, or is it the responsibility of government officials to call out corruption?
  • Should Trump have remained quiet about all the laws election officials broke in the 2020 election and that Zuckerberg committed fraud to influence voting?  If so, why?

Why should we trust most of the media, the Justice Department, FBI, former intelligence officials, and other Democrats to be honest about anything when they colluded to hide the truth about the Biden family corruption in order to interfere with and win the 2020 election?  It is an absolute joke when they pretend they care about fair elections.

Regrettable spelling, but spot-on accusation.

Thank goodness Trump won in 2016 to stop the Obama, Hillary, and Biden efforts to remake or destroy America.  It is a shame the NeverTrumps don't care and therefore are complicit.

Photo credit: Matt Brown, CC BY 2.0 license.

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