The swamp is deep and the IRS crocodiles are hungry

Maybe the IRS should spend their time administering the tax code instead of targeting people they don't like and protecting criminals whose policies they like. 

These days, it is not at all different from when the IRS targeted Tea Party members for the sole reason that they did not like President Obama's big government and high-tax policies. 

Biden compared Tea Party members to domestic terrorists back then, just like how he compares MAGA Republicans to domestic terrorists today.

It is Democrats who continually gin up racial hate and division while they pretend they want unity, and most of the media cheer. 

Why should we hire 87,000 more IRS agents when the ones we have are more interested in protecting themselves instead of doing their job?

Look at this news here:

IRS Axes 'Entire Investigative Team' Probing Hunter Biden Taxes: Report

According to an exclusive report late Monday night from The New York Post, the IRS "removed the 'entire investigative team' from its long-running tax fraud probe of first son Hunter Biden in alleged retaliation against the whistleblower who alleged a coverup."

Biden's latest financial disclosures are out, and he showed no gifts.  What about the gifts when Hunter uses kickbacks to pay Daddy's bills?  I bet those gifts have never been shown on any gift tax return.  I bet IRS agents don't care.

What about all the times Joe and his family spend vacations at a billionaire's house for free?  Where are the gift tax returns?

The leftist media have been spending lots of time trying to destroy Clarence Thomas for free vacations, even though that is not a violation, but they actively support Biden, no matter how corrupt he is and how many ethical violations he has. 

It is so hard to spot the bias

Royalties from a pair of books he published years earlier: $2,933. Interest from one bank account: $15,000 or less. Gifts to declare: none.

Meanwhile, Special Counsel John Durham's report shows how corrupt and politicized the Justice Department has become.  They have interfered in all elections since at least 2016 with endless witch hunts.  The corruption by the Obama and Biden Justice Department dwarfs Watergate. 

There have been endless witch hunts seeking to destroy Trump and associates, yet the corrupt Justice officials remain free. 

It is a joke when the Justice Department says the reforms it has put in place will stop this.  They are targeting Catholics, parents, pro-life people, and trespassers with no regard for equal justice or the truth. 

The corruption in 2020 was as bad as 2016, when they colluded with the media to bury the truth about the Biden family corruption. 

And the media cheer and continue to intentionally lie to the public that the 2020 election was clean. 

If the media and other Democrats dispose of Trump, they will go after Florida's Gov. Ron DeSantis or whoever else is the Republican candidate.  They also trashed Reagan, Bush, McCain, and Romney.  The only Republicans they pretend to support are Republicans when they are attacking other Republicans. 

Are the media going to call out Rep. Adam Schiff for all his intentional lies?  Nope, they will continue to have him lie about Comey's and Jordan's investigations into the massive corruption of Joe Biden.  The truth hasn't mattered for a long time to the sycophant media.  They care only about power.

The swamp must be drained before the U.S. collapses.  The younger generation is being indoctrinated with garbage, like the lies about climate change and white privilege. 

There is nothing progressive about the media and other Democrats that call themselves progressive.  They are intentionally moving the country backwards.  They should be referred to as depressives, oppressives, destructives, or regressives.

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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