The Star-Spangled Banner as a weapon of mass terrorism

A TikTok user named Paulina was recently terrorized beyond imagining while at the Rainbow Oaks Country Market, in Fallbrook, California. No, she wasn’t shot at by an illegal alien with an illegal gun. Nor was she beaten by screaming men claiming to be women. This was even worse than being misgendered. The National Anthem played on the restaurant’s television and sound system, and diners stopped eating, stood up, and placed their hands over their hearts. For Paulina, this triggered fear and, on her part, racism. That’s depressing. Even more depressing is that the most popular commenters shared her fear, outrage, and disgust.

Before getting to the video, it’s worth learning more about Paulina. In a crude video (language warning) Paulina, who is clearly Hispanic, boasts about being a first-generation college graduate in her family. In another video, she explains that she worked two jobs to get through San Diego State University, a taxpayer-funded college. On their face, both those posts are laudable, and they reflect the American dream: “hard-working immigrant makes good.” But there’s a little more going on about Paulina’s American dream.

Somewhere along the line, Paulina has been trained to hate and fear America and Americans. When she found herself in a restaurant where patrons stood for the Star-Spangled Banner, not only did she continue eating, she labeled the experience as “By far the most dangerous situation I’ve ever been in.” (Hat tip: Daily Dot.)

@paulinappa_0 By far the most dangerous situation I’ve ever been in #godblessamerica #getout #illegal #whitepeoplethings ♬ original sound - Paulina

None of those patrons were paying attention to Paulina. None shouted out ugly, anti-immigrant or anti-minority slogans. The answer to Paulina’s terror lies in the hashtags. Paulina, who got an education courtesy of taxpayers, included the hashtags “#illegal” and “#whitepeoplethings.” In other words, she’s an illegal alien who benefitted from, yet still ridicules and fears, the people of a country in which she has no business being.

The comments her post garnered were equally disturbing. Here are the most popular of the 16,000 comments her TikTok received:

“i worked at mission bbq and they made us do this everyday at noon, i hated it there so much 🥴”

“I would’ve kept a eating my food Lmfaoo,” to which Paulina replied “I did and I was proud lol”

“Doesn’t North Korea have his country do the same ? The flag seems like religious. 😳”

“Anyone proud of america right now is a walking red flag”

“Girl naurrrr I would be sweating”

“this happened when I was at mission bbq once and it was so awkward that I haven’t been back since”


“There’s NO WAY”

“Free thinkers” – which sounds like a compliment until you realize the poster included the laughing ‘til you cry emoji (😂) to show that the comment is sarcastic.

Other notable top comments were “This is scary 😭,” “As someone from the uk this feels so dystopian,” “That’s terrifying,” and “I would be scared for my life.”

To sum up, in a California restaurant, and acting of their own free will, people stand when they hear America’s national anthem. A young woman who is in the country illegally but nevertheless got a college education at taxpayer expense, is disgusted and terrified. She’s also triggered by the fact that the people who respected their flag and anthem are white. Then on a communist Chinese-owned and run app, thousands of people agree with her and compare America to a dystopian North Korean nightmare.

I really don’t have anything to add by way of commentary. The facts speak for themselves.

Image: TikTok screen grab.



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