The left will destroy America's youth to retain perpetual power

Lenin understood how important children are to any revolution. The most famous quotation attributed to him is, “Give us the child for eight years, and it will be a Bolshevik forever.” An alternative is, “Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world.” Lenin envisioned a robust army of young people, left of mind and sound of body. America’s leftists have a very different vision. A trio of stories this week reveals their plan to destroy America’s young physically and mentally. They will not be “ambassadors” of leftism. Instead, they will be incapable of functioning without the government.

The first story is that Portland State University’s president is very worried about the mental health of the school’s LGBTQ+++ students. He’s not worried that many have been taught to deny their own bodies or that they know nothing about the civics, history, literature, and science that led America to be the most powerful and comfortable society in history. Instead, he’s worried that they will be psychologically unable to handle the fact that several states have banned or will ban giving minors toxic drugs and mutilating surgery in service to “transgenderism.”

To alleviate the stress of living in a federal republic where not every state supports the students’ delusions, PSU president Stephen Percy sent out an email blast promising those students that PSU will be a safe space for them in the face of “anti-trans bills.” How safe will this space be? So safe that he assures them that PSU’s Queer Resource Center will support them by providing “Cotton candy, temporary tattoos, and coloring….”

Those toddler toys may be a bit too mature for young people who have been reduced to an advanced level of mental and emotional infancy.

However, because they live in Oregon (and this is the second news story), these same mentally weak young people know that the Oregon House just passed HB-2002, the “Reproductive Health Rights Act,” which explicitly states that a teen 15 years old or older may consent to all medical treatments, without parental knowledge or consent, including abortion or “gender-affirming care”—although the parents’ insurer is on the hook for the costs. The only exceptions are “voluntary sterilization” (which, ironically, is a natural outcome of “gender-affirming care”) and first-time contact lens use.  

Image: AI’s really scary idea of what a teenager having a temper tantrum looks like. DALL-E.

The law now goes to the Senate, but we can assume it will pass there too. Once that happens, Oregon will have ensured that teenagers, who are notorious for making short-sighted decisions, will be able to destroy their minds and bodies without their parent’s input. (If you’re in Oregon, there’s still time to object.)

Meanwhile, across America, young people are being medicated and are self-medicating at unprecedented rates. As many as one in four teens is getting a prescription for Adderall or Ritalin for ADHD (which is probably actually boredom and forced inactivity). In 2019, 10% of teen boys and almost 8% of teen girls were on antidepressants. Given the mental health problems the lockdowns engendered, we can assume those numbers have increased. Both ADHD meds and antidepressants have heinous psychological side effects.

The young are also ingesting marijuana, which is legal in increasing numbers of (mostly Democrat-run) states. In many other states, marijuana laws are on the books but not enforced. The result is that roughly 10% of American teens admit to marijuana use. My bet is that the real number is much higher. Alex Berenson has detailed how dangerous marijuana is when it comes to triggering psychopathy.

And that leads to the third story: The National Institute on Drug Abuse now estimates that 30% of schizophrenia diagnoses in men aged 21-30 are tied to their marijuana addictions. Today’s marijuana is not the “make you sluggish” drug of the 1960s. Instead, it’s hugely more potent, and it’s literally making young people crazy.

Each of these three stories is, in its own way, generic. Over the last few years, we’ve read endless variations about safe spaces, “gender-affirming” care for increasingly younger people, and rising drug dependency in the young. It’s just that having three stories in the span of a few days makes so clear what’s really going on.

Leftists aren’t building a robust generation of people who can fight wars and control countries. Instead, they are creating a broken generation of people who will be physically and mentally dependent on government care for the rest of their lives.

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