The GOP can never win the ballot-harvesting game, so restore mail-in voting to a rare practice only when necessary by illness or absence

Perhaps the most consequential political outcome of the COVID panic that was engineered is the widespread use of mail-in voting in place of actually showing up at a polling station on Election Day.  On the spurious grounds that standing in line to vote would spread the virus that was lethal mainly to the infirm and elderly, our entire process of voting was upended and made highly vulnerable to cheating.

Writing in The Federalist, Joseph Arlinghaus and William Doyle, Ph.D. argue that Republican efforts to match the Democrats' ballot-harvesting efforts are fruitless.

Democrats currently execute a ballot-harvesting game vastly more complex, sophisticated, expensive, and labor-intensive than most Republicans even remotely understand. (snip)

The Democrats' powerful election-industrial complex consists of two types of institutions: national types devoted to election strategy and policy, and local types, including public-sector unions, devoted to fielding and deploying boots-on-the-ground election activists.   

Public-sector unions comprise a vast potential workforce to aid in solidifying the grip of Democrats on the election process in their states through the sheer manpower they can deploy for vote canvassing, voter registration, assistance in early voting, and ballot harvesting. 

Local urban-based activist organizations also contribute to the left's army of community organizers. It is where the armies of Democrat vote canvassers and ballot harvesters come from in ArizonaGeorgiaMichiganWisconsin, et al.  (snip)

Democratic ballot harvesters are guided by sophisticated statistical models and data mining schemes devised by an army of highly skilled, Ph.D.-level data analysts. Republicans have generally disdained this technical aspect of political science and instead published think-tank papers on political philosophy or public policy, leaving the ranks of high-level Republican data analysts generally empty. 

They concede that

it is hard to imagine "emergency" election measures taken in response to Covid-19 in 2020 ever being rolled back, as they have suddenly brought into reality an objective that Democrats have been working toward for decades.

Nonetheless, apparently ending mass mail-in voting is the struggle that they advise, though they don't come out and say so directly.

If matching the Democrats' efforts is futile, simply accepting the sudden drastic change originally justified by a questionable "emergency" is a recipe for capitulation to permanent rule by the Democrats and their Deep State allies.

Photo credit: btwashburnCC BY 2.0 license.

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