The demonic left's 'foot in the door'

Almost all conservatives recognize that the Left always, always have "a foot in the door."

It's not just the issue in Tennessee, where the Left are pushing for "red flag laws."  The governor of Tennessee was firmly on the side of conceal-carry laws, citing the Constitution as grounds for this particular freedom. He lauded the idea of armed security guards in schools. But suddenly, after being pressured by Leftist anti gun zealots, he's starting to cave, not recognizing that "red flag" laws are the camel's nose under America's tent, the first step to confiscation, Leftists' ultimate goal. The Governor needs to man up with a firm NO to "red flag laws."

As is their raison d'etre, Leftists, like sharks, must move forward or die; they cannot leave you alone. They are never without some demonic plan to upend some effective long-standing American tradition that made the country great. Burn it down. Burn you down. It pains Leftists to see people happy, productive, and content. When they see Americans who are comfortable, their diabolical constitution writhes in agony until they inflict some measure of physical, economic, and emotional discomfort upon you. It is their mission.

We are in a spiritual war, make no mistake. The chaos and insanity that is being done around the world is reflective of Satan's armies being on the march with their perversions, violence, rage, deceptiveness, and especially godlessness. The people who call themselves the New Marxists (as though the old ones were somehow ineffective), are possessed of an ideology that kills the human spirit, creates chaos and death, and destroys free societies.

One hates to walk around with one's head on a swivel but now is the time to do exactly that. Nothing the Left does enhances liberty and freedom. Everything they do reduces both. They always have "one foot in the door" somewhere. Right now it's Tennessee. They are already working hard in Texas and Florida as well. Democrats mostly, these malign beings who look like every college student with pink and green hair, pierced nostrils, and no brains, will argue self-assuredly that you are the ignoramus and she is the Einstein. The world began when she did; everything before that just wasn't done "the right way." And they believe it. These are the incompetents running things and we will either succumb or fight. But that takes courage. Where is Atticus Finch? Where is George Patton? 

America must rid itself of the demonic, malevolent forces of the Left. Listening to talk radio yesterday, a guest advocated not running for high office but running for school boards and working your way up, cleaning out the detritus as you go. Flood the zones with conservatives from the ground up. If we cannot take back locally, we will fail nationally. I couldn't agree more.

Image: Pixabay / Pixabay License

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