Texas mass shooter was a five-times-deported illegal alien

Friday's heinous, execution-style murder of five Honduran nationals in Cleveland, Texas by a repeatedly deported Mexican illegal alien will probably not see saturation coverage by the press the way the immigrant-hating fiend who shot up an El Paso mall in 2019 was covered.

But it should be.

What was this monster (FBI's words, not mine) doing in this country? 

According to Fox News's Bill Melugin and Brie Stimson:

A suspect on the run in Texas after allegedly killing five neighbors execution-style Friday night when they complained about him firing a rifle on his property has been deported from the country five times, a source from ICE told Fox News Digital.

The FBI said Sunday afternoon authorities have "no leads" in the search for Francisco Oropesa, 38, a Mexican national who is accused of the quintuple murder in Cleveland, Texas, outside Houston.

Oropeza's last deportation, after four earlier ones, was in 2016.  Note that it takes a lot of legal heavy lifting to get even one deportation enacted.  Oropesa had to have already done something very bad for it to happen, and many of those deportations probably would have occurred during the Obama years, when the government was very reluctant to deport illegals other than the ones with additional crimes.  Yet the deportations happened five times, the final time of which was during the Trump administration.  After that, he bounced back into the States, either during the Trump or Biden years, and either learned to lie low during the Trump years or else simply got in without consequences during the open-border Biden years.  He may have come and gone several times.

Lawmen usually catch guys who commit mass shootings, but because of Oropesa's history as a practiced, experienced illegal, they may have significant trouble catching him this time.  He's obviously pretty experienced in evading detection as a "gotaway," given that his last deportation was in 2016.  That should make the manhunt for him even harder.  Investigators said they lost his trail at a river, which he obviously knew would wash off all traces of his scent.  He blundered in leaving behind his Mexican-issued "consular card," but surviving witnesses also could have identified him.

How did he get hold of an AR-15 and possibly other weapons as an illegal with a likely criminal record?

Did he deal drugs?  Was he in a cartel?  Someone that cold-blooded, who could shoot up a neighbor's yard and then hunt down the neighbors after they asked him to stop, going room by room, in order to shoot dead women protecting babies "execution-style," certainly could have been.  Normal people can't do that.  Soulless, dead-eyed cartel enforcers can.

Why wasn't he a deportation "priority," as the Obamatons claimed in their enforcement efforts supposedly focused on "aggravated felons"?

Oropesa also reportedly had a wife and family here.  Was he shielded by the Biden prioritization around not breaking up families?

And how did he get in this time?  Might the Biden administration's open border policies have something to do with this?  As many as a million people are now massing at the U.S. border, and on 5/11, with the dropping of Title 42 allowing instant expulsions based on pandemic considerations, and Joe Biden is going to let nearly all of them all in on catch-and-release "parole."  Might this be a problem?

As the foreign nationals mass, U.S. estimates the number of illegal border-crossers who amount to "gotaways" at more than one million during Biden's time in office.

The U.S. also reports record-low deportations during Biden's administration.

All of these things may very likely factor into why this monster was allowed to walk among us, killing five innocent people, and escaping as a fugitive the same way he evaded the border.

The message being sent as a result of Joe's open border is that anyone — anyone — can get in.  And anyone is.

Image: Twitter screen shot.

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