Stunning poll on COVID vaccine-refusers and Ukraine war

I came across a poll showing the views of people who self-report being unvaccinated on possible future responses to the war in Ukraine.  It is a poll of Canadians, but I doubt that the results would be very different in the USA.  (Hat tip: Mark Wauck.)  The poll appears in a tweet from Patrick Henningsen.

On the surface, the personal decision not to receive an experimental vaccine would seem to have no correlation with 80% or more opposition to escalation of the conflict by their home country.  But dig a millimeter deeper, and I think the common factor is pretty obvious.  These are people who are skeptical of massive propaganda campaigns pushed by the combined forces of government and corporate establishments.  Henningsen describes himself as "a fierce critic of MSM propaganda."

It seems to me that skepticism toward the media structure that we currently face is the only reasonable response, when the bulk of the media have aligned themselves with a radical leftist political party — in Canada Justin Trudeau's Liberals, and in the USA, the Democrats — and when even journalism schools switch from teaching that conveying the truth is less important than advancing a political agenda.

In fact, why would anyone give up being skeptical about the news or any other claims motivated by goal-seeking?  The opposite of "skeptical" is "credulous," and credulous people are subject to being cheated, misled, and manipulated.

I don't claim to know with moral certainty the risks and effectiveness of COVID jabs, or the realities of the Ukraine War.  But I do know that merely accepting propaganda campaigns from politically interested parties is not the soul of wisdom, especially when a covert radical agenda ("fundamentally transform America") is being pushed.

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