'Special assistant' to John Fetterman brags about media 'puppets' and the senator's duplicity

As a mother to two young sons, I'm often exposed to "boy humor" — my kids are 11 and five, and they love "yo momma" jokes (suffice to say, they don't yet understand the irony).  Without my consent, my daily thoughts have begun to reflect my environment, although not quite what you'd expect:

"Your momma's so gullible, she believes there's no such thing as biological sex!"

"Your momma's so stupid, she thinks carbon is actually a pollutant!"

However, most relevant for the topic at hand:

"Your momma's so dumb, she thinks the mainstream media are real journalism and Democrats are trustworthy!"

On Tuesday night, James O'Keefe released the footage from his latest sting, and it's just as embarrassing and damning as you'd expect.  Luke Borwegan, special assistant to Pennsylvania's John Fetterman, got caught running his mouth about the senator's two-faced politicking and the media's willingness to collude with and uphold a system of propagandism.

My first thought (as always) was "Good grief!  In a world with James O'Keefe, how, how does this continue to happen?  How can anyone be so unwitting?"  Obviously, you can hear that the undercover reporter is a female (I can only assume an attractive one); isn't the ol' honey pot the literal oldest trick in the book?  Watch the video below:

In Borwegan's own words, media members are handpicked and hand-fed official propaganda for public dissemination, and a sitting senator, one who took a solemn oath to "support and defend the Constitution against all enemies," would be completely willing to "overturn" one of the most foundational and straightforward elements of our Constitution.

Now, it's not as if we weren't aware that the mainstream media are nothing more than an extension of the Democrat party, and that party and its most high-profile ideologues hate America, her citizens, and her heritage, but it's always surreal to hear it out loud.  What's even more surreal, though, is that the media manipulation about which Borwegan boasted actually works.  I'm utterly guilty of diminishing the influence the media have on the American public.

I've got a new "yo momma" joke, and this one is for Fetterman's exclusive use:

"Your special assistant is so deluded, he got played by an O'Keefe operative!"

Image: Twitter video screen grab.

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