Perfect: MSNBC uses white liberal guest to explain that Hispanics are becoming 'white supremacists'

The left obviously thinks that "white supremacy" is the boogeyman to scare the public into voting Democrats into permanent power.  President Biden just told an overwhelmingly black audience that white supremacy is the "most dangerous terrorist threat" facing the country.

But I am unaware of white supremacists burning down cities the way that BLM-incited rioters did after George Floyd's death of a drug overdose while in police custody.  Nor have I ever met a white supremacist, at least none who would admit to such views, which are extremely unpopular even among the overwhelming majority of Caucasians.

But if you are in the business of whipping up racial fears while demonizing a demographic slice that votes Republican, I guess it makes sense in an amoral way.  However, the gravest possible danger to this evil plan is the trend among Hispanics, a much larger demographic slice than blacks and faster growing, too, to vote Republican.  It's been gospel among Democrats for a couple of decades now that whites are on the way to becoming a minority in this country, and that a coalition among blacks, Hispanics, and Asians — along with self-hating whites and those brainwashed by leftist-run schools into antagonism toward their own group — would create a new majority keeping them permanently in power.

Thus, it becomes a vital task to rein in Hispanics, keep them on the plantation, so to speak, hostile to "Anglos" and shunning conservative ideas, forever aggrieved.

Over the weekend, on her MSNBC show, host Katie Phang had as a guest Kristofer Goldsmith (who lists his pronouns as he/him), a military veteran who describes himself on LinkedIn as "the nation's most recognized authority on the targeting of American troops and veterans with disinformation and extremist recruiting efforts by hostile foreign and domestic entities."

Phang began the interview by instructing us that "there's a misconception that all white nationalists have to be white."

It went downhill from there.  Watch the one-minute video below and try not to giggle:

Transcript via Grabien:

PHANG: "There's a misconception that all white nationalists have to be 'white. But let's look at Hispanic white nationalists like Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio and online political activist Nick Fuentes. What have you seen in regards to non-white people becoming advocates for white supremacist ideas?"
GOLDSMITH: "Thanks, so much for having me, Katie, on — having me on, Katie. It's great to be back. The Latino identity, the Hispanic identity, the Latinx identity is incredibly complex. It is not exclusively a race, it is not exclusively an ethnicity. It creates a lot of room for extremist views like white supremacy. One of the phenomena that we've seen over — over especially recent years is misinformation, disinformation and radical narratives being pushed into Spanish-speaking communities."

Photo credit: Grabien video screen grab.

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