People are now fed up with obnoxious climate protest disruptors — and fighting back

One big problem with the apocalyptic language used by advocates of the anthropogenic global warming (AGW) theory based on flawed computer models is that it convinces those who believe it that they are battling extinction, and therefore any and all tactics are legitimate.  If you believe you are fighting to save humanity and the planet, then why limit your tactics to the bounds of civility?

Thus, we have been subjected to an endless spectacle of "climate protesters" inconveniencing others on their way to work, damaging precious artworks, and disrupting public events.  Whatever sympathy some people might have for these would-be idealists is evaporating.  Ordinary people, who don't see any of the disasters that have been predicted for decades now ("the end of snow," for example), are increasingly fighting back.

A good example took place recently in Sweden, when climate protesters disrupted a television dance program, and an operator of a camera boom fought back (hat tip: Jack Posobiec).

Of course, when other people turn indifferent to their "sky is falling" rhetoric, they don't reflect on their own behavior; they escalate their rhetoric:

This is why you never want to let these people get access to power.

Photo credit: Grabien screen grab.

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