NY governor Hochul floats idea of housing illegals in dorms at state universities

Uh-oh!  It turns out that actually experiencing an inflow of illegal aliens can force even the bluest of blue-state Dem politicians to risk angering their equally blue constituents.  Spectrum News reports:

Gov. Kathy Hochul's administration has identified dorms on three SUNY campuses to use as housing sites for migrants, according to a source.

The source told NY1 the plan includes a total of 1,500 beds at the University at Buffalo, Stony Brook University and the University at Albany.

An announcement is expected as soon as next week, the source said.

New York governor Kathy Hochul.

As long as it was red states Texas and Florida bearing the brunt of massive Biden-era illegal immigration, blue-state Dem politicians were happy to claim that only heartless xenophobes and racists could possibly object to open borders.  But when Texas and Florida started shipping a comparative few to places like Martha's Vineyard, Chicago, and New York City, it got very awkward.  Hoping that nobody would notice that only a comparative trickle of illegals was coming their way compared to, say, El Paso, they declared a crisis.  And started to have to make difficult choices.

"Clearly a SUNY campus lends itself to immediate help, but long-term, we have to have it free by August. So, what happens in August?" Hochul said in an interview with Spectrum News.

Using state college dorms has a huge risk if the invaders are still in residence when students return.  Forcibly evacuating them (to where?) would make for some awfully bad visuals.  And what about the summer school students staying in dorms?  Illegal drugs and alcohol abuse problems, as well as sex in the stairwells, have been all over the hotels that are being used to hold invaders.  After all, none of these people has been vetted, unlike the students who have to pass admissions scrutiny.

Will the plan include allowing the illegals use of the dining, athletic, and recreational amenities that have made college campuses into resort-like vacation facilities?  If not, are the invaders expected to stay in their dorms?  The libraries — very vulnerable to damage — are air-conditioned during the hot summer months, after all, and likely will be mobbed.  Inevitably, especially with those illiterate illegals from impoverished rural areas where such facilities are unknown, there will be wear and tear that may require time and money to repair, even as students flood back onto campus.

College campuses, with very rare exceptions, are Democrat strongholds.  SUNY Buffalo and Albany are in blue counties, while Stony Brook is in Suffolk Cunty on Long Island, home to Lee Zeldin, who lost the governorship to Hochul, as Dan McLaughlin notes at National Review.

Photo credit: Marc Hermann/MTACC BY 2.0 license.

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