Now the California state senate plans to 'honor' the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence?

After the wretched specter of the beloved Los Angeles Dodgers "re-inviting" the anti-Catholic bigot group, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, to their community event in June to honor them as "community heroes" you'd think the ugly incident, which earned the condemnation of multiple Catholic bishops and plenty of Latinos, would be one and done, a faux pas never to be spoken of again.

Seems that may not be the case. 

According to GOP state Sen. Melissa Melendez, of right-leaning Lake Elsinore, California, the legislators themselves now want to "honor" the mockers of Catholicism.



Melendez is there on the scene and doesn't have a reputation as a bomb thrower or a person who says wild things, so odds are good she knows what she's talking about.

Which is pretty creepy stuff, given that the honorees are bigots of the most naked sort.

The so-called "sisters," who are mostly gay men dressing up like nuns, in nun-face, are no community heroes doing charity work as normal people know it. They actually mock the idea of "charity work" such as is practiced by the holy nuns who devote their lives to helping others. Their idea of charity is stunts such as their "condom ministry" to encourage young gay men to continue promiscuous sexual practices, supposedly without getting AIDS, which of course, is not an effective method, since condoms frequently break, meaning that those who put their trust in them operate under a false sense of security.

That's not charity. That's promoting risky, and potentially lethal, activity, walking away from the consequences and getting before the cameras to say they are 'saving lives.'

And they mock Catholicism again, by insisting that this trash is their heavenly vocation and they're no different from real nuns.

Most of us Catholics can handle parody and humor, and movies that satirically touch on Catholic themes like Monty Python's Life of Brian or Whoopi Goldberg's Sister Act don't bother us. Those things are cute and we can see what the artists are doing.

We can also see what the freaks of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are doing, and know very well what their message is.

They are depicted as charity workers who just happen to be drag queens but their real aim is political power. What they say for the cameras about being all in for love and inclusion, and what they actually do, are two different things.

The Catholic League has a list of their bigoted activities here:



And even that doesn't get to the half of it. 

How does holding an annual "Hunky Jesus" contest on Christianity's holiest feast day, Easter, with near-naked perverts pole dancing at an actor playing Jesus crucified on the cross sound?





That was their latest instance of anti-Christian bigotry, presented to us last Easter in Golden Gate Park.

YouTube got rid of the pole-dancing video in the past day on the sudden grounds of 'nudity,' even though it's been up awhile, most likely because it was really bad public relations for the bigots which showed what they actually do. Here is one that is still up:

That's kind of indicative of what's going on here, too. In their frenzied dance group around the cross, they kind of look demonic.

A little buried detail at the bottom of a KRON local news story out of San Francisco about the controversy tells us that this is all about political muscle:

The Los Angeles LGBT Center pulled out of Pride Night and asked the Dodgers to either reinvite the group or cancel the event. The Los Angeles County Delegation, which includes 39 members of the California State Senate and State Assembly, also condemned the team.

Anaheim’s mayor even invited the Sisters to participate in the L.A. Angels’ Pride Night on June 7, which the group was considering before Monday’s apology.

The California state senate, eh?

They got involved and suddenly Los Doyers reinvited the disinvited bigot group with lots of apologies.

It may well be that on the legislative side, the Dodgers were told that was a nice team they had there, be a shame if anything happened to it. Those are the kinds of game playing in one-party blue state California. The same would go for the idiot mayor of Anaheim who invited the bigots in for some sort of honor.

Net winner? The bigots, proud of their political muscle and intolerant and Catholic-hating as ever. That many Catholic bishops (still waiting for you, Cardinal Robert McElroy!), including the normally timid Archbishop José Horacio Gómez of Los Angeles objected, tells us just how outrageous and political this was -- and that we can probably expect to see more of this garbage from the state senate in the future. Already their contingent, led by Sen. Scott Wiener of the East Bay, is all about promoting the worst elements of the gay agenda, such as decriminalizing the intentional spread of AIDS, excusing those convicted of having sex with children in some circumstances from having to register as sex offenders, and promoting the prostitute's lobby position on ending loitering laws. He is said to be the most powerful pol in the statehouse by some accounts. According to a Los Angeles Times profile:

"Would you trust this guy within 500 yards of a child?" [Fox News host Tucker] Carlson said in one segment, while onscreen flashed a photo of Wiener at the Folsom Street Fair, San Francisco's famous leather festival. "Probably not."

So it's no surprise that some pol like Wiener, or perhaps some ally of his, is looking to promote the bigot group and is willing to muscle the Dodgers into doing it.

That's quite a long road for the group, whose creepiness goes way back. The group tried to insinuate themselves into Catholic institutions, as far back as 1980 at the Jesuit University of San Francisco, amid controversy. They mock the sacraments, they mock nuns and their selfless vocations, they mock the statements of Jesus in the Bible with their twists on it such as as "Go forth and sin some more" (Ooh, campy) and they mock everything else about Christianity they know they can get away with, particularly the aspects of traditional and Latino Catholicism, as well as women in general. That puts them squarely in the same league as the FBI, which has pegged traditional Catholics who attend Latin mass as potential terrorists. Politics can make some pretty amazing bedfellows. But mocking the taxpayers's religion and coddling a group that infuses itself in anti-Catholic bigotry has, up until now, not been part of it.

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