MSNBC labels Ron DeSantis ‘pro-white supremacy’

When a potential GOP presidential candidate has a brilliant track record -- so attractive that new residents flee Dem-ruled areas to his state by the hundreds of thousands, and he turns a narrow first term victory into a double-digit rout for re-election -- the Dems realize they have a major problem looming.  It’s time to roll out charges of “racism” using the current approved terminology, “white supremacy,” as signaled by Joe Biden at his Howard University commencement speech.

Naturally, being racists themselves and in command of the academic hierarchy, they need a talking head who is both black and the holder of academic credentials to launch the charge. Enter MSNBC and Dr. Basil Smikle Jr.:

[a] political strategist and policy advisor for almost 20 years with local, national and international experience. He lectures at Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs, Teachers College and was most recently the Distinguished Lecturer of Politics and Public Policy at the City University of New York’s School of Labor and Urban Studies. He holds a PhD in Politics and Education and an MPA from Columbia University, and received a Bachelor of Science from Cornell University.

On a panel for The 11th hour Friday night denouncing DeSantis, Smikle use his camera time to level the ridiculous and unsubstantiated yet grave charge, as Newsbusters reports:

Prof. [sic] Basil Smikle then turned the conversation towards race, “Right, but that’s why I always say it's not really about being anti-woke, it's about being pro-racial hierarchy. That's what he's selling and he’s selling it to a very…”

After Liesman interrupted, asking Smikle to explain himself, he continued “It's leading to the sort of pro-white supremacy, right? It's like, we want to teach, we want to make sure that our version of history is taught, not your version.”

Nobody on the panel ever provided any evidence that disagreeing with them is somehow white supremacy. Smikle tried, “It's a very specific type of version—of history that's being taught in a very specific way. If you look at DeSantis’s battles against the College Board.”

Smikle (he’s not a professor, he’s a lecturer, and in academia these titles are regarded as very important – trust me, I used to teach at  Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs, too) is apparently conflating opposition to critical race theory with “white supremacy,” a charge that cannot stand under even the mildest scrutiny. But Smikle has academic credentials and is black, and so among a certain type of people, that settles the matter.

Watch the entire disgraceful smear campaign being below on a Grabien video:

Photo credit: Grabien video screengrab

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